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Luque: The attorney general's office ordered a law enforcement team to be formed to expand the search for the missing woman in the town of Luque. Agents from the specialized anti-kidnapping and human trafficking departments were called in.

A young woman identified as Isaura Bogado disappeared on April 13th and so far there is no trace of her whereabouts. The woman lives in the city of Luque.

The investigation into the case had already been initiated by the public prosecutor Mirtha Ortiz. This Friday, Attorney General Sandra Quiñónez ordered the creation of a Prosecutor's Office composed of Joel Cazal from the Anti-Kidnapping Unit and Carina Sánchez from the Human Trafficking Unit.

Prosecutor Ortiz has already carried out a number of proceedings as part of the investigation into the case. She issued a search warrant among them after the disappearance report last month. She also requested reports and made comparisons with a telephone company in addition to checking images from surveillance cameras.

According to the report, the prosecutor also asked people close to the missing girl to testify. With this in mind, the woman's mother and other relatives have already appeared at the prosecutor's office to submit relevant data.

The public prosecutor asks the people who have information about the whereabouts of the young woman or other information that is relevant to the case to the nearest security authorities - commissariats of the public prosecutor's office.

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