Torpenhow Open Air School



I went to a Open Air School because I was classed as delicate meaning nervous from the age of 11 up to the age 16 .6

Remember having sun ray treatment at the local hospital, just round the corner.

Having to have a sleep on an afternoon, plenty of great dinners, all fresh produce cooked on the premises by two cooks.

Mrs Carr school secretary, who we went to see if we didn't feel well

Plenty of walks, not a lot of pressure put on the school children, small classes.

We were a great mixture of children, from children with severe illnesses to children who suffered from anxiety and tress

We were sent to Cliff House when we were older for two weeks that was at Shelley.

Our parents came and visited us at the weekend

Again plenty of good food, exercise, and country walks.

But Moorlands Open Air school will always be in my heart.

It was a great school, brilliant teachers although I didn't learn much except to be aware of others who suffer and are still suffering as children.

My school wasn't like any other, as we got older we got wiser and got up to all sorts of tricks, but then our teachers used us too, delivering leaflets to other schools e.t.c