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The British royal family released details of the procedure for Prince Philip's funeral on Saturday. Due to the corona restrictions, Queen Elizabeth II, 94, will probably take a seat alone in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. During a funeral procession in the castle courtyard, which is estimated to last eight minutes, the children and grandchildren Philips will give the Prince Consort the final escort, led by the heir to the throne Prince Charles and his wife Camilla. The coffin is transported on a specially converted Land Rover. The Queen herself does not take part in the procession, but is driven to the chapel in the Bentley, accompanied by a lady-in-waiting.

Philip had died a week ago on Friday at the age of 99. The funeral service will be broadcast live on television (in Germany by RTL). Because of the coronavirus pandemic, it takes place completely behind the castle walls, the number of guests is limited to 30. The mayor of Windsor had already called on the British a few days ago to please mourn at home and not go to Windsor.

Princes Harry and William will not walk side by side behind their grandfather's coffin, between them will be their cousin Peter Phillips, the son of the Queen's daughter Princess Anne. With this, the British media speculated, the Queen probably wanted to avoid tensions between the brothers becoming visible. "The design of the funeral service corresponds to the wishes of Her Majesty," said a spokesman for the palace. The Queen expressly agreed to all the details.

Meghan stayed in the US

Harry is at odds with the rest of the family. He and his wife Meghan broke away from the inner circle of royals a little over a year ago and moved to California. Especially a TV interview of the couple a few weeks ago, in which they complained in an interview with US presenter Oprah Winfrey about a lack of support and even racist remarks within the family, had caused displeasure in the palace. Meghan, who is pregnant with the couple's second child, did not fly to the UK on the advice of her doctor. Upon arrival, Prince Harry withdrew to his old home, Frogmore Cottage in the park at Windsor Castle, for self-isolation.

According to the British media, the dress code at the funeral is also influenced by the family quarrel. The Queen decided not to allow uniforms at the funeral service. Otherwise Harry would have been the only royal in the immediate family in civilian clothes. Along with his royal duties, he also had to surrender his military titles, although he was on two missions abroad in Afghanistan. The men should therefore wear a so-called morning coat or cutaway, the counterpart to the tailcoat, which is only intended for evening occasions.

It is eagerly awaited whether the reunion at the funeral service can lead to a rapprochement between the two brothers. It has already been speculated whether William's wife Duchess Kate can play a mediator role. It will be her first royal funeral.

Trouble with Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew, the second eldest son of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, might also have made negative headlines in uniform. He allegedly wanted to perform as an admiral, reported British media. He had rejected the honorary title, which was originally supposed to be awarded to him for his 60th birthday last year, because of allegations of involvement in the Epstein abuse scandal and withdrew from the public, but now he has reappeared for the first time. When he spoke to reporters about his father's death last weekend, it promptly prompted a number of complaints from viewers at the BBC. His ex-wife Sarah Ferguson is not invited to the funeral service, Prince Philip fell out with her after the divorce.

Among the only 30 mourners - 800 were actually planned - there are also three German relatives of Philips. The Duke of Edinburgh, as Philip was mostly called in Great Britain, was related through his sisters to Bernhard Prince of Baden, Heinrich Donatus Prince of Hesse and Philipp Prinz zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg. The connection between Philips and Germany was long downplayed in Great Britain because of the Second World War. His sisters weren't even invited to Elizabeth's wedding in 1947.

In the chapel, guests must sit at a two-meter safety distance from other households and also wear masks. Seating arrangements have not yet been published, but it is considered likely that the Queen will be seated alone. Congregational singing is dispensed with due to the risk of corona infection, there is a choir with only four members, far enough away from the mourners. Philip had chosen the music for his funeral himself before his death, the pieces were rearranged especially for the minimal cast of the choir. In addition, the background music by representatives of the Royal Navy will play a central role.

In order to ensure the safety of the guests, special forces of the police in Windsor screened trash cans, mailboxes and telephone booths in search of suspicious items.