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Fight weak connective tissue and weak connective tissue successfully

Weak connective tissue: Actually, you feel very comfortable in your body, if it weren't for the annoying wrinkles ... Do you also suffer from stretch marks, cellulite or orange peel, like a weak connective tissue is often referred to? You are by no means an isolated case.

Typical signs of a weak connective tissue are:

Strengthening weak connective tissue is possible through:

  1. Tissue strengthening massages, surface skin massage with brushes and massagers
  2. Strengthening diet with oat flakes, healing clay, vitamins, proteins, and egg whites
  3. sporting activities - cycling, walking, running
  4. drink enough fluids, tea and water
  5. reduce refined sugar

This gives you a good basis to successfully counteract a weakening of the connective tissue. Read on here about the widespread disease "weak connective tissue" and what you should definitely know!

Widespread disease of weak connective tissue?

Millions of people suffer from you weak connective tissue. The majority of those affected are female, but contrary to faith, many men also get sick.

Basically everyone can be affected, because weak connective tissue is not just a result of getting older. A regular massage can counteract this and help to firm the skin.

Genetic factors also play a role, such as poor nutrition or a lack of exercise. The latter cause also leads to the fact that more and more young people and even children are introduced weak connective tissue exhibit.

Whether orange peel, Cellulite or called cellulite, it looks similar to this picture, hence the name reference to the orange. Does this seem familiar to you?

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What do we mean by weak connective tissue?

A weak connective tissue is often viewed as a cosmetic blemish. Viewed correctly, however, it is a medical phenomenon. On this page there are numerous valuable articles about this weakening of the tissue and alternative tips on how to strengthen it.

The connective tissue serves as a framework for the body, which stores heat, nutrients and water and maintains the metabolic exchange between cells and blood. If pollutants get into this cycle, they are deposited in the connective tissue, which can have serious consequences.

What are the dangers of weak connective tissue?

As a rule, weak connective tissue is noticeable in external phenomena such as cellulite or varicose veins. In addition to these comparatively harmless symptoms, weakness of the connective tissue can also occur internally. If organs are affected, hemorrhoids or, in the worst case, hernias, i.e. hernias, form.


Typical optical features often only appear in women, since the structure of the connective tissue differs specifically between the sexes. In addition, the female hormone balance and pregnancy favor the disease. Stretch marks and stretch marks are typical visual changes on the legs and stomach, especially after pregnancy. These changes are a problem for many mothers and those affected want to get rid of the stretch marks. There are currently very good massage devices and aids to get back in shape and to tighten the tissue.

But mothers often have another problem to worry about. Eczema and psoriasis are also increasingly appearing in babies and toddlers. Since there is a connection between diet and skin, many people with weakened connective tissue are affected, even with skin diseases and the formation of eczema.

Due to poor diet, lack of exercise and hereditary conditions, men are not spared from weak connective tissue either. But men should also do something and strengthen their weak connective tissue.

Genetic conditions can trigger the disease even in children. In addition, the fluctuating hormonal balance of pubescent girls increases the symptoms.

Where can a connective tissue weakness occur?

  • to thePoor:
    This manifests itself in a weak connective tissue reinforced on the upper arm. You are probably familiar with the famous "wave arms" from which the skin hangs down limply. You can pinch the tissue with your fingers without any problems, but you hardly feel any muscle mass, just thick skin. The unloved orange peel is a result of a weak connective tissue
  • to the Legs:
    If the blood vessels are not adequately supported by the connective tissue, the veins widen and become visible as spider tears. Over time, these can develop into painful varicose veins.
    the occurrence is just as typical
  • at the Belly:
    In pregnant women, stretch marks often remain in this part of the body. However, rapid weight gain also favors weak connective tissue. The skin over the stomach is no longer taut, but hangs down limply.

An interesting website is the Esc page with tips on nutrition and training to alleviate symptoms and symptoms.

Other affected zones:

  • in the Face:
    Age-related weak connective tissue usually remains, but aging can be slowed down.> The skin becomes wrinkled, it begins to hang on the chin. You cannot protect yourself 100% against this natural change, but you can prevent it.
  • to theThigh:
    There are also very often dents, so-called "rider pants" with the unsightly orange peel
  • Likewise on Po:
    Cellulite doesn't stop there either. If you tense your buttocks muscles, small dents are clearly visible. In the advanced stage you can also see this when sitting, when the skin is squeezed. In this region of the body, weak connective tissue occurs even at a young age.
  • It gets dangerous when Organs:
    are affected. Almost every organ - even the eye - is surrounded by connective tissue. The deterioration in the support function leads to anatomical changes such as organ subsidence or other serious weakening of tissue structures as the cause of abdominal wall ruptures, weak veins and veins or the lymphatic system.The sooner you do something, the better!

Yet you are not powerlessly exposed to weak connective tissue.

Ways to counteract the disease:

  1. To treat: treatment is always based on the cause of the symptoms. If the connective tissue weakness is due to a low estrogen level, female hormones can be added, for example.
  2. Connective tissue strengths: you can achieve a lot through diet. Make sure you eat a high fiber content and include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. In addition, you should drink at least two liters of water a day to flush out pollutants.
  3. Fight: get active. Targeted abdominal, legs and buttocks exercises regenerate weak connective tissue. In general, any kind of exercise is effective.
  4. Tighten: Regular massages or alternating showers stimulate blood circulation and tighten weak connective tissue.
  5. Remove: sometimes weak connective tissue requires surgery. Stretch marks can be lasered away or treated with ultrasound. Varicose veins can be drawn.
  6. Anti cellulite workout - very effective together with massages and nutrition plans

Use targeted remedies against weak connective tissue:

With a balanced diet that consists of lots of fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables, you can rebuild weak connective tissue. Avoid sugary foods as well as "acidic" foods such as dairy products or animal protein.

Every day you should use skin firming creams that provide enough moisture and contain collagen or the coenzyme Q10. An established product is Revoten, which is also available in tablet form.
If you tend to trust homeopathy, Schuessler salts are a good alternative. Calcium flouratum and Silicea should be your agents of choice.

It is also important to incorporate regular exercise into everyday life. At best, combine light endurance training such as jogging or cycling with strength exercises. The Blackroll also proves to be very effective, as this aid massages the fascia.

Conclusion and the best for last:

There are help & remedies against weak connective tissue!

The be-all and end-all, however, is a healthy lifestyle, which is largely measured by diet. Obesity is one of the main reasons for one weak connective tissue. However, if you pay attention to the choice of your food, you can prevent the disease. There is, for example, detailed information on the topic and various means that should help.

Find out more about targeted prevention through healthy foods, helpful exercises, and home remedies or medical care to maintain your health and maintain a beautiful complexion.

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