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How To Remove Paypal Trojan From Android

In this guide I am going to explain to you exactly what you need to do in order Find and remove PayPal Trojans from Android. I will also tell you how this malware works so that you can remember any actions that you may have taken unconsciously. So let's not waste any more time, let's see what we can do right now.

How To Remove PayPal Trojans From Android

Around Remove PayPal Trojans from Android, you need to calm down first. I can feel your intoxication, knowing "your lots" from down here. Rest assured, if you get this threat on time, it will remain harmless.

Still, I suggest that you continue reading step by step. Not only will you understand how to delete PayPal Trojans from Android, but you will also know what to do to avoid this situation in the future.


How does Android Optimization's malware that steals money on PayPal work?

Before I explain how to remove PayPal trojan from AndroidI want to tell you how it works. In practice, this virus only simulates one Phishing attack (and is also suitable for this). Once you have the Android Optimization App downloaded and installed, the app generates a fake PayPal notification. Touching this warning will open the official PayPal application and inform you that you need to sign in. That way, even if you enable two-factor authentication, the malware can nestle there. You can find out more on this ESET support page.

PayPal does not recognize anything unusual because it was you who made a valid login. At this time the malware has full access to PayPal. All you have to do is initiate the withdrawal of the sum of 1000 euros from your PayPal account and deactivate it. Let's see what we can do before all of this happens.

How To Remove PayPal Trojans From Android

Around Remove PayPal Trojan from Android, you must first uninstall the Android Optimization application. Go to System settings, choose Applications, enable the option Show hidden applications and find the one by the name Android Optimization. Once you find them, remove them immediately.

After deleting, continue with the installation of the Anti-malware away from Malwarebytes, scan and delete all threats. Then install a great one for free or for a fee Antivirus for Android, such as. ESET. This way you can automatically avoid 99% of phishing attempts. This is especially true if you are using an antivirus that has a cloud-based database (because it is updated in real time).

How to Avoid Malware on Android

Now that you've managed to remove PayPal Trojans from Android, you will want to make your Android device more secure. Well, um Avoid malware on Android, as I just suggested, you have to go first install an antivirus. After that, I advise you not to surf on little-known sites. Also, don't install any unknown third-party or APK applications. You could contain all kinds of threats. If so, please do an extensive web search and consult various industry forums beforehand.