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How to Start Corneo's Secret Stash / Get Corneo's Key

  • Talk to Damon the reporter to start "Corneo's Secret Stash"
  • Skip Lookout Point if you'd like (it will give you locations of the stashes, but we have those on this page!)
  • Instead, talk to Johnny at the Sector 5 Undercity Station to get the quest "Tomboy Bandit."
  • Follow Kyrie, who stole Johnny's wallet. She'll lead you to the church.
  • Agree to help Kyrie and complete "Tomboy Bandit" to get Corneo's Key.

The Angel of the Slums will give you clues on where to find Corneo's three secret stashes.

Corneo's Key in hand, you can start looking for Corneo's Secret Stashes.

Corneo's Secret Stashes Locations

Here's where you'll find all three of Corneo's Secret Stashes:

  • Collapsed Expressway - Caved-In Tunnel, near the tunnel entrance to the north
  • Sector 5 Undercity - Steel Mountain, just north of the Chocobo Stop
  • Former Disposal Area in the Old Trunk Line - Control Section (Sewers)

Keep reading for more detailed information.

How to Get to the Sewers

The final Corneo Stash is in the sewers. To reach this location, you will need to progress the Chapter 14 story if you haven't already. This quest is called "Intel Gathering." Find Leslie at Don Corneo's house within Wall Market. He'll ask you to accompany him to the sewers.

The mission with Leslie is quite long, but you'll be able to return to finish up any other side quests once you're done.

You'll find the spot you need to get to on the map quite early, but it will be flooded.

Continue the quest with Leslie. Eventually a monster - the Mischievous Shoat - will steal Leslie's key. Follow it, defeat it, and get the key back. Leslie will then lead you to where you need to go - but don't go up the ladder.

Instead, pull the lever to the right of it. That will lower the water in the Former Disposal Area. Follow the path back the way you came south to the former disposal area entrance.

Mini-Boss Battle Ahead - Upon entering Corneo's Secret Stash, you'll encounter a boss fight against the Sahagin Prince and some lackeys. They'll cause the Toad status - use a maiden's kiss to cure it! Use Fire Materia to get rid of them fast.

After defeating the Sahagin Prince, you'll be able to loot the room for:

  • Enfeeblement ring
  • Elixers
  • Moogle Medal
  • Emerald tiara

After collecting this stuff, Tifa will suggest visiting Marle for her help. First, complete the main scenario quest Fateful decisions with Leslie.

Once you're back in the slums, you'll be prompted to see Marle. Select yes to fast travel to her and turn in the goods (key items) you gathered from Corneo's Secret Stashes.

The Art of Swordplay Volume 3 - which gives Cloud 10 SP to spend on each of his weapons!

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