Can you eat mango when you are sick

10 recipes to make when you're sick

This winter I have a cold more often than ever - with long-term lack of sleep, all my healthy food is probably of no use to me 🙁 The fact that so many people are sick inspired me to write this article, as did my column on nutrition and energy life. There is currently a series about local superfoods that also prevent colds. Today I collected a few recipes that contain superfoods like this, strengthen the immune system and get you back into shape faster! (Or nip colds in the bud)

What has also helped me a few times now: as soon as something is approaching (you have a headache and your nose is running a bit) drink a lot! Namely, really 4-5 liters per day (water or tea, or smoothies and soups, no sugary drinks or coffee). This flushes the body through and helps flush out the disease right away. As I said, it has worked several times now, it probably won't always, but it's worth a try. (The water can of course also be flavored, I've already posted my favorite recipes for the winter here.)

  1. Hunky Heartbeet Cabbage Soup
    You have to make this soup just because of the beautiful color, but the ingredients are also great! Winter is also the best time to eat beets, and the iron it contains is not only good for us mums.
  2. Ginger lemon lemonade
    I don't just do it when we're sick, but also like to do it in between, so it's right at the beginning. Lots of vitamin C, anti-inflammatory ginger, full nutritional power through the molasses - and it tastes delicious!
  3. Raw Pressed Pineapple Juice
    I don't have a juicer, but I'd buy one for this recipe - it sounds incredibly delicious, and it's back again, the healthy ginger.
  4. Parsley smoothie
    You see, the picture is very, very old, namely from 2012, when I made the smoothie for the first time. Admittedly, it took some getting used to with the parsley. But by now I already know it, and after I know how healthy the parsley is, it tastes twice as good to me!
  5. Chicken soup with vegetables
    That doesn't really need a link, is it, is that self-explanatory? Boil the chicken in water, add the vegetables of your choice (and cook too), season to taste and you're done. No longer an insider tip, but it's still done too rarely 🙂 (And I still linked, just to be on the safe side!)
  6. Healthy pizza
    Do you also like to eat pizza when you are sick? It used to be standard for us - all day on the couch, with tea, pizza and television. It doesn't look like that here with children anymore, we don't have any TVs anymore (honestly!) And the pizza has also become healthier.
  7. Pumpkin and carrot soup with ginger
    There is also ginger in it, without which nothing works with colds! The soup looks quite thick in the picture, I like it that way, but of course it can also be made more liquid.
  8. Cold wrap
    I discovered this home remedy at Anja's and yes, strictly speaking you don't eat anything here, but it's still a bit of a recipe, so I'll take it with me. I always make curd wraps for my sore throat and stuff onions into my socks overnight, so why not potatoes with horseradish. I tried it out yesterday and it burned nicely, and at least I don't feel any worse today (better not really, but yes, sleep ...).
  9. Green Smoothie Immune Booster And another smoothie, as I said, drinking a lot is essential if you have a cold. The name says it all, the immune system is boosted and the common cold has little chance!
  10. Homemade NutellaYes, you read that right, you can also do it in a healthy way Also many years ago I published a recipe for this delicious chocolate and hazelnut spread. And since liquids are important when you are sick, but a bit of soul food is also part of it, the Nutella must not be missing from the list (on bread or eaten with a spoon, everything is allowed when sick :-))

So, I'll keep sipping my chicken soup and hope spring will come soon (and that I'll be able to sleep more soon !!). What do you prefer to eat when you are sick?