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Eating habits: Different countries, different customs

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As different as the cultures in our countries and on our continents are, so are the eating habits. We at Eat the World took a little trip around the world in terms of eating habits and took a closer look at the different continents. True to the motto “other countries, other customs”, we examined what and how people eat.

Eating habits in Europe:

Basically, you have to differentiate between the different countries when it comes to eating habits. While the Nordic countries are often hearty and hearty eat, eat them southern European countries usually a little sweeter.
Already for breakfast different eating habits become apparent. The prefer northern countries a decent breakfast consisting of Sausage, cheese, eggs, bread, beans and sausages. In addition, hot drinks such as Coffee or cocoa drank. Thesouthern Europe on the other hand usually has breakfast with sweet pastries, like croissants with jam. In some countries, such as Spain and Italy, breakfast only consists of a coffee. Eat at a later hour.
Especially famous in countries like England is the so-called "Tea time". In the afternoon, treat yourself to a piece of cake or biscuits and a cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee. The "Coffee party" has long become a tradition in other countries as well. In Germany, too, people like to have something sweet in the afternoon.
Dinner is very important in Europe. Most of the time, families come together here and eat the meal together. In the northern countries, dinner usually starts at 6 p.m., whereas in the southern countries it is not eaten until 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. If the southern countries started their day sweet, they wait for them in the evening with a decent hearty meal. Family members, friends and acquaintances are often invited to dinner.
Generally, the cuisine is made up of southern European countries Fish, vegetables and lots of fruit. Northern Europeans prefer Meat and side dishes like potatoes.

It continues down under - eating habits in Australia:

The Australian eating habits are strongly influenced by the English eating habits. This is how Australians love tea too. However, since influences from Southeast Asia, Italy and Greece also shape the eating habits in Australia, Australian cuisine is considered to be very diverse.
Probably one of the most famous foods in Australia is that Vegemite. It is a spread made from yeast extract. But meat also has a high priority in Australian cuisine. The There is a wide range of meat on offer: Beef, veal, poultry, and lamb too exotic varieties like kangaroo, emu, buffalo and even crocodile meat are on the plate in Australia. In addition to meat, seafood and fish are also very popular.
Dinner is taken between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. and is the most important meal in Australia.

Next stop: America

Here, too, it is important to differentiate. Eating habits in North and South America differ in many ways.
Breakfast and dinner are particularly generous in the USA. In the morning will the day with cornflakes started in all sorts of flavors, too Donuts, pancakes and muffins are happy to have breakfast. It is also hearty with Ham and bacon. Dinner is often taken with the family. Sometimes standing Burger and Fries on the menu. In summer, barbecues with friends, neighbors and relatives are particularly common in the evenings. A real American barbecue. It is typical for Americans to first cut their food into small pieces, then put the knife to one side and only eat with the fork in the right hand.
Of course, these eating habits do not correspond to the general North American population and so there are other culinary influences as well as healthy diets.
Canada's Eating Habits are mainly through French and English influences embossed. In Quebec in particular, French cuisine is predominant. There is a lot going on in the direction of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts fish on the menu. But also Steaks, roast beef and potatoes are extremely popular with Canadians. Just like in the USA, having dinner with the family is very important.
South America characterizes the Mexican cuisine, here many come Beans, fresh vegetables, rice and chillies for use. In the Caribbean above all will be a lot Fish, fruits and vegetables consumed. But also Meat is popular in South America. It will above all beef prefers.

Eating Habits in Africa

North Africans like it hot and spicy, the kitchen is also characterized by strong spices. I especially like Couscous with beef, lamb or poultry eaten. In eastern Africa provides the Flat bread variation "Injera" the basis of nutrition. root like cassava and various plant grains complement the local cuisine. In South Africa become legumes processed into a pulp. In West Africa on the other hand, yams and plantains are typically used as the basis of the meal.

Finally: The eating habits in Asia

Rice cultivation and fishing are important factors in Asian culture. So poses rice also the staple food There is even a bowl of rice for breakfast. Sticky rice is mostly used because it is particularly easy to eat with chopsticks. And when you are asked whether you have already eaten, it is actually a question of “How are you”. In addition to rice, many exotic spices are used in Asia. Most common will be Ginger, fish sauce or tamarind used. The Asian menu is complemented by various types of cabbage such as White and Chinese cabbage. The Asian food is particularly healthy because of the amount of fresh food Vegetables and fish.
However, they take a bit of getting used to Table manners in Asia. If burping or smacking is frowned upon in Germany, it is praise in Asia. It means you are full and the food was tasty. In Asia, however, one should not snort one's nose or play with the nose while eating, because that would be like licking the knife while eating. Most of the time, the table is only set with forks and spoons, as the food is already prepared in such a way that no knife is required. But of course the chopsticks are also often used.
In Russia we find against completely different eating habits. Components of the Russian breakfast are Black bread, topped with sausage or cheese, Kefir, sour cream or cottage cheese, cooked Eggs or fried eggs, "kascha" (buckwheat porridge) with Meatballs and sausages. You eat at lunchtime only in the late afternoon and multi-thread. First will be Salads and pickled vegetables served. The main course consists of Meat, poultry or fish with a classic side dish, like potatoes or rice and vegetables. For dessert there is Ice cream or compote, tea and coffee. Dinner is in the same form as lunch, only more modest.
The eat-the-world team hopes that you enjoyed our insight into the eating habits of the various continents and look forward to suggestions and suggestions for contributions to specific country eating habits, about which we can inform you! You can also find international recipes under our “Culinary” topic.