How to generate a batch ID in informatica

AI-based data protection and data security

Informatica has introduced new solutions to support data protection and compliance initiatives.

According to the company, the provider of enterprise cloud data management offers companies a comprehensive suite of solutions with which they can identify, protect and control data risks. Organizations should be able to use the data-centric applications to advance their data protection and data security initiatives and comply with guidelines.

Users are also able to identify new and existing information, analyze data risks throughout the company, identify the further processing of data and use risk simulations to find the best possible way to remedy them. This enables AI (artificial intelligence) recommendations to be generated based on metadata, which automate and accelerate workflows for data protection and security teams, according to Informatica.

The manufacturer names the core functions offered by the data protection and data security solution:

  • Extended data identification and data visibility for SharePoint, OneDrive, AVRO, Parquet and Atlas. In addition, the partial solution Secure @ Source, which is supposed to offer continuous and dynamic data masking, is now integrated with the Enterprise Data Catalog and ServiceNow CMDB. In this way, according to the manufacturer, existing investments in cataloged data sources can be protected and the introduction accelerated. In order to meet the deadlines of the data protection and data security initiatives, functions are necessary that can quickly find the required information across all silos,
  • Improved security risk mitigation through Secure @ Source, with a new format that preserves the encryption transformations in Informatica Persistent Data Masking. The seamless integration with “Informatica Dynamic Data Masking” and “Informatica Test Data Management” is guaranteed, as is the ticketing function with ServiceNow Service Management. This gives users even more choice and flexibility in terms of protection, mitigation, and orchestration, according to Informatica.
  • Improved risk management, prioritization and planning with simulation options to analyze risks, investment costs and the impact on data protection and data security controls for sensitive data. The risk factors can be adapted to the respective company requirements. According to the manufacturer, this enables users to integrate risk data from their organization - and thus receive a personalized view based on their business priorities.

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