How many pallets per 20 container size

Would you like a little more? Freight container for euro pallets

A special feature of the European logistics market are the so-called Pallet Wide (PW) containers, which offer 40-foot standard storage space for 30 instead of 25 Euro pallets - with exactly the same external dimensions as a standard sea container: a significant cost and time advantage. With optimal utilization of the loading capacity, every sixth transport - whether by ship or truck - can be saved.

Pallet wide container, partly also as Inland container are used almost exclusively in the European transport market. What makes it special: while a standard sea container has an interior space that is 2.348 m wide, a pallet is a wide container 2,438 m widea few centimetersthat however significant impact to have.

Because at first glance it only offers a slightly larger interior space Space for two euro pallets next to each other. This means that the Pallet Wide (PW) can fit into a 40-foot container. five more euro palletsthan in a 40-foot ISO container (30 instead of 15). Compared to the 20-foot sea container, four more Euro pallets can be stowed (15 instead of 11) compared to the 45-foot sea container seven (33 instead of 27). That means that with 40-foot containers each every sixth trip saved can be. With 20-foot containers, roughly every fourth trip is superfluous, with 45-foot containers it is also roughly every sixth transport.

Since the External dimensions with which one ISO sea containersidentical use of the regular container terminals in ports and reloading stations for combined transport is also possible without any problems. A Additional equipment for loading and unloading is - different from special dimensions like that American container type 53 feet – unnecessary.

At least as important: provide sea containers greater demands on the load distribution than conventional freight containers that alone on the street be transported. While truck loads usually only have to be secured to the front and to the side to prevent them from slipping during braking and evasive maneuvers, the load is a sea container secure on all sides. Because a ship at sea also moves on all sides. If the load slips, this can, in the worst case, lead to the container being damaged and its entire contents being lost.

Conventional ISO containersthat cannot be precisely loaded with Euro pallets are therefore usually stored in Blocks of five containers laden that up support each other. This inevitably leads to numerous gaps and one overall significantly reduced space utilization and loading capacity. A 40-foot container PW on the other hand enables one optimal utilization the space that the Euro pallets can be placed next to each other. This is how the charge is automatically too secured against slipping.

By the way: also Reefer container is available in the Pallet-Wide version, ideal for transporting vegetables, fish and others Food on Euro palletsthat are then straight from the container unloaded and reloaded by forklift truck can be. PW reefer come especially in shorts Sea Shipping within Europe and to and from North Africa for use, for example in the OPDR Oldenburg-Portugiesische Dampfschiffs-Rhederei, the third largest Container shipping company of the worldCMA CGM Group heard, or the Dutch Logistics service provider Samskip Multimodal B.V.

Image: BiERLOS a.k.a. photörheaCC BY-NC-ND 2.0