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Calculator: how many calories are in your food?

A pizza salami is a real calorie bomb. But chips, chocolate or a small liqueur are not exactly slimming products either. Other foods, on the other hand, are real lightweights when it comes to calories - for example tomatoes, lettuce or raspberries.

Our calculator will help you make a comparison. With it you can not only determine how many calories which food contains, but also how much energy you consume with a certain amount of food or per day. This is how you get an overview - of your calorie intake and of leaner alternatives.

This is how it works:

1. Choose a food group. To do this, click on the upper field. A list opens with menu items such as "Bread, Rolls" or "Meat, Poultry". Select the group you want. Alternatively, you can leave the menu item "All food from A to Z" as it is.

2. Select the desired food from the selected food group and click on it. If you have left the menu item "All foods from A to Z", all foods appear in a large list. You can get to the product you are looking for more quickly by typing the first letter in the input field.

3. Enter the amount. Either you leave the preselection, then you get the calories per 100 grams, or you enter the actual amount (for example determined by a scale).

4. Click on "Calculate calories". The calorie content of the food is calculated and displayed.

5. With "Add food" you can add further food to your selection. This allows, for example, the amount of calories in a complete dish to be calculated.

Note: For some foods you can choose between "raw" and "cooked". If you prepare the food warm, you should use it "cooked" or something similar. Because the calorie content can differ depending on the preparation method. The indication "without fat" or "prepared without fat" means that you have to calculate the oil or frying fat used separately.

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