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CANTO - keyboard bag SKB2 N


Economic Keyboard model 2
Maximum instrument dimension:

Width (from left to right): 1080 mm
Length (from front to back): 500 mm
Height (from up to down): 200 mm

Codura 600D
Natural flex: 30mm


- soft material inside (proflock)
- handle with thick and soft hem
- belt with double buckle
- outside huge pocket

- additional pockets on the side

- flat pocket

Compatible with:
CASIO - CTK 900, MZ X300, MZ X500, CTK 5000, CTK 3000, CTK 2000, CTK 2100, XW-G1, XW-P1, CTK 6250, CTK 7200, CTK 6200, CT X3000, CT X5000, CT X700, CT X800, CTK 4400, LK 280ICON - InSpire 5 G2KETRON - Audya 5KORG - EK50, PA3x 61, PA4x 61 KURZWEIL - PC3-K6, PC3-A6ROLAND - E X20STUDIOLOGIC - SLEDGE 2.0YAMAHA - PSR S670, PSR S710, PSR S910, PSR S910 PSR S775, PSR A3000, PSR S975, PSR S770, PSR A300, PSR S970, YPT 410, MM6, PSR E453, PSR S650, PSR E463, PSR E413, PSR E423, PSR S550, PSR E323, PSR A350, PSR E353, YPT 340, YPT 340, YPT 360, PSR E363, PSR E223, EZ 220, EZ 200, YPT 240,