Where are Husqvarna trimmers made

Where are radiators made?

"They are made in our country" and they ask, "Aren't there any problems with that?" I don't know the answer, but the answer is no, there is no problem, there are radiators that can be made in China, but there are also radiators that cannot be made in China, so people buy these radiators here because they are made in Germany and they have no problem there. Which country produces the highest quality radiators?

"Well, firstly, Germany is a hot country and it is very expensive for a German company to make radiators, so there is a lot of money in radiators, second, Germany produces a lot of high quality radiators so it has to find the best radiator manufacturers to do the job right to make good radiators, thirdly, Germany is a big country with lots of business opportunities.

"I have a list, I have a team, and I have an army of testers". I think when a cooler is made by a team with a certain number of testers, it makes sense that the testers have a certain percentage of confidence in the performance ... Furthermore, radiator testing is worth trying. . You can say: "So what?" I mean, I've worked with other people and you never know how they'll react to an idea until you test it yourself.