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Cryogenic labels

LabTAG® offers a variety of cryogenic labels for use in medical research, clinical laboratories, fertility clinics and biobanks that can withstand prolonged storage in liquid nitrogen in liquid or vapor phase and extremely low temperature freezers. These cryogenic labels are perfect for labeling a wide variety of containers, including cryogenic vials and tubes, microtiter plates, PCR tubes, and other commonly used laboratory products. Learn more about our cryogenic COVID-19 labels.

Available in a range of sizes and configurations, and compatible with thermal (direct thermal, thermal transfer) and digital (laser, inkjet) printers, you are sure to find cryogenic labels that meet your stringent laboratory needs. Our cryogenic labels are also offered with a permanent or removable adhesive, as well as special features such as blackout, tamper-evident, and wrap-around options.