What does currently mean?

what does PROVISIONALLY approved ?!

hooray! or not?! *  📅 21.10.2009 19:54:38
what does PROVISIONALLY approved ?!

Like many others, I filed an objection and submitted an application to the court, now I have just received this from the university:

We are pleased to inform you that you can PROVISIONALLY enrolled at the University of Hamburg for the winter semester 2009/10.

Of course I'm really happy, but what does preliminary mean now? Is that the comparison? Or the temporary admission of the court? What happens next, so when am I finally admitted, or when and why are they kicking me out again?

Can someone help me?

best regards
Re: what does PROVISIONALLY approved ?!

The same thing happened to me. I also received an e-mail from the university today with the "preliminary approval".

I'm not sure, but I think that by "temporarily" you mean that you first have to send the form that was sent along and then, after notification, you are officially enrolled.

if the form is not sent and the university does not receive any feedback from you, then the place will also be forfeited.

I don't know whether this is a comparison or the temporary admission. but since the mail came directly from the university, i think it's the comparison.

but I'm not sure here either. maybe others can help ...

For which subject did you file a complaint or an objection?

best regards
Hooray!  📅 21.10.2009 21:11:30
Re: what does PROVISIONALLY approved ?!
ok thanks that calms me down !!!
with me it's psychology and with you?
D.H.A.  📅 21.10.2009 21:14:38
Re: what does PROVISIONALLY approved ?!
I mean, this normally means that the university will allow you to study until it has justified the administrative court as to why the university does not allow any further students (e.g. due to capacity utilization).
If the court accepts the reasoning, you'll be out again. However, if the court sees more capacity, you are enrolled.
Hooray?  📅 21.10.2009 21:20:57
Re: what does PROVISIONALLY approved ?!
oops ... and how long does it take? and where can I find out exactly how it is now?
D.H.A.  📅 21.10.2009 21:28:32
Re: what does PROVISIONALLY approved ?!
Inquire at the student secretariat!
Re: what does PROVISIONALLY approved ?!
for me it's also psychology

... great ... so once again it's just a matter of waiting ... you are happy that you are admitted and then they can throw it all over again

have you been to university before? during the lectures and possibly seminars?
at last??  📅 21.10.2009 22:12:08
Re: what does PROVISIONALLY approved ?!
I was at the oe last week, but not at the lectures this week, I didn't want to be kicked out ...
well, no schedule without stine, I don't know when and where to go now ... do you have any idea?
Re: what does PROVISIONALLY approved ?!
I haven't been there either. but will probably go there from Monday, since I have the decision now.

i don't worry about the lectures, the seminars are more likely. because it is noticeable there when you are the only one among just 30 people without a bullet-point. I've heard from others that you have to beg the lecturers halfway to be there. I don't know yet how it all has to work.

in principle, things can only really start after 2-3 weeks - according to the email - you have paid the fee and then get everything.

I hope that a few more contributions can clarify this
Re: what does PROVISIONALLY approved ?!
if you have applied for a temporary injunction, you may be granted provisional admission. If you've filed a lawsuit and you win, you're in. If you lose it, you'll be out again as well. So the provisional approval is worth nothing. If you are unlucky, you will lose the lawsuit and a semester.
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