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Logan - The Wolverine: What happened to the many mutants?

With a few exceptions, there are no longer any mutants in the dystopian world of Logan. We'll tell you what a terrible fate they suffered.

A core theme of the X-Men films was often the conflict between mutants and humans. While some saw the evolutionary exceptional cases as a potential threat, especially Charles Xavier alias Professor X (Patrick Stewart) fought for the acceptance of the mutants in society. The latest entry in the X-Men universe, Logan - The Wolverine, has been in theaters since last week. In this we see that all Charles Xavier's efforts were fruitless, because the mutants will be almost exterminated in 2029. There are several reasons why this is so, which Comic Book has listed and which we explain to you here.

Warning, spoilers for Logan - The Wolverine follow:

Reason 1: The mutant Caliban (Stephen Merchant) plays an important role in Logan. The albino has the special ability to track down other mutants over great distances. While he is used in the film by villain Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) to hunt down Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), Charles Xavier and X-23 (Dafne Keen), he seems to have fulfilled this function in his past. As the story progresses, we learn that Caliban worked for Alkali Transigenes. The sinister company captured mutants and carried out experiments on them until they died. Alkali transigenes are likely to be responsible for a large number of dead mutants, but not all.

Reason 2: When we first see Charles Xavier in Logan, he's just a shadow of his former self. At first we don't know much about the recent past of the bald man who uses wheelchairs, but it can be guessed that something terrible has happened. The so-called Westchester incident is mentioned at various points in the film. Westchester used to be the location of Xavier's School for Mutants. In the comic book Old Man Logan, Wolverine herself is tricked into killing his friends there. In the film, as Vanity Fair notes, Xavier is responsible for the accident. 600 people, including all of the remaining X-Men except Wolverine, were killed. It is unclear whether Xavier was manipulated from outside or whether the tragedy was triggered by one of his seizures. After his seizure at the casino, Xavier explains:

I've done something, something unspeakable. I remembered what happened in Westchester. This isn't the first time I've hurt people.

Reason 3: Now we have clarified what happened to the living X-Men, but how is it that hardly any new mutants are born? The scientist Dr. Zander Rice (Richard E. Grant) towards the end of the film. Alkali Transigen developed a special formula that suppresses the mutant gene. This found its way into the production of corn syrup, an ingredient that is used in a wide variety of foods. Since almost all of society consumed these foods, hardly any new mutants were born.

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