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A few simple rules for a good life

We humans really only want very simple things.

Be happy. Enjoying time with our family and good friends. Have a job. To contribute something. Lean back and relax. Be a little important. Feeling safe and secure. To learn new things. Enjoy the small, sensual pleasures in life. And have a little adventure every now and then.

That's what makes a good life.

A life in which we determine what is important to us and what we do with our time.

A life full of love, fulfillment and adventure.

A life in which we pursue our dreams and make one or the other dream come true.

But how do you lead such a life?

So many people don't make it.

Others, on the other hand, do.

So is it luck? Or do some do it right and others don't?

It's a bit of both.

Luck plays a role in how great your life is today. Where you were born The social class you come from. Your family. People who meant well to you. The time you were born. All of this matters and it shapes your life.

But no matter where you come from. There are always things you can do. We don't all have the same starting conditions. But we all have opportunities to move forward towards a good life.

And someone with good starting conditions, who does not use them, is often worse off than someone with poor starting conditions, who gives everything and pulls out all the stops to be happy.

There is a lot you can do to make your life better. Even if there is of course no guarantee of success. No general recipe. Life is too complex and unpredictable for that.

But as long as you are reasonably healthy mentally and physically, there are so many ways to move yourself a little more towards a good life every day.

And that's not a bad way to go through life. If you set yourself the goal of just making your life better and better. One small step at a time.

But how does that work now? What exactly can i do?

Here are 12 basic and heavyweight ideas that can help you along the way.

1. The right to happiness:

You have the right to a good life. You have the right to take care of yourself. You have the right to claim your luck. And if your happiness is not compatible with the happiness of others, then it is time to negotiate and fight and find a happy medium. Or sometimes to make a decision. Because your happiness and well-being is worth just as much as that of others.

It should be worth even more to you. You can do your thing and seek and pursue your happiness. Just like the others. This is your right.

2. Love is the key:

A good and successful life is a life full of love. When i love people. When people love me When i love my job. When I love my hobbies. When i love my children. When I love my house or my apartment. Experiencing success and happiness in life means having many things that I love.

3. Be with you:

Practice being compassionate and close to yourself. Know your feelings, your joy and your pain. Watch your thoughts. Feel your needs. Observe and keep a little distance. Don't get lost in it. So that you can use your mind for your own good too.

After all, what good is the whole of life if we don't want to feel and perceive it? Success and happiness means having love in your own life. And you can only feel love if you allow yourself to feel and experience it too. Therefore, train yourself to endure the experience and enjoy it. The good things, but also the bad things. Because all of this is part of life. And only if you allow yourself the full range, you can also feel the love.

4. It's your job:

Even if it's more convenient. Don't wait for someone else to take care of you and your happiness. It is your life and your happiness in life. And whether you have a good life is your own responsibility. It's not other people's job to make you happy. The others are busy enough with themselves. Take responsibility for yourself and your future. Don't wait for outside help to finally arrive. Help yourself.

5. Start today:

Start making your life better today. Don't wait for you to finally retire, for the kids to be out, for your husband to change. Or your wife. Don't wait for your job to finally get less stressful or until you finally move. Do not wait. Start today. Even if it's just a small thing. Procrastination is the great enemy of a good life. You don't have to move mountains today. But pick up the shovel today and dig a little. Improve something today. Even if it's just a small thing.

6. Start small:

Many people feel that they can't change anything anyway. But each of us can change things in our life at any time. It doesn't matter if you are 20 or 80 years old. It's best to start with little things. Improve your life by 1% every day in one area. And after 100 days you have improved by 100% in this area. Figuratively speaking. You know what I mean. Lots of steady, small steps result in big steps and big improvements. A little bit every day is the recipe for bigger, lasting, positive change.

7. Think:

Maybe you still have no idea what exactly you can do differently and better. But your mind will find out if you throw this problem at its feet.

Your mind loves questions. So ask him smart questions like:

  • What do I want more of? Health? Fitness? Good friends? Common ground? Good conversations? Adventure? Prosperity? Discharge? Rest and relaxation? Recognition? What is it that I need most right now?
  • What has worked before? How do others get this thing I need most? What do the advisors recommend, what could be done?
  • What is a little thing I could do about this today? What could I start small and slow with? What can i do today?

Thinking and asking. Our minds can do that really well. Why not use that?

8. There is no security:

We really want to be safe. That this is the right way to go now. That this is the right partner now. That we will make the right decision. And quite a few do not move a step before they feel this security. But there is no security. You always only know afterwards. Therefore: Always start before you feel safe. Oh, never wait for security. Because then you may wait a very long time.

9. Find your thing:

We humans need a job. A point to which we can direct our love and creativity. Something we get up for in the morning.

If you don't already know what it is, go ahead and find it. It can be a garden, animals, the children, a hobby, an association, an initiative, an honorary position, a business. Find something where you are needed and where you can give your love and your strength.

10. Take care of yourself:

Make sure you have strength and energy. Make your body work well. That you are as fit and healthy as you can get. So that you feel fit and vital and full of energy. Eat the right things that will keep you fit. Get enough sleep. Move enough And don't forget to take good care of your soul by getting enough relaxation. Don't forget to free your soul from emotional ballast from time to time. A good life is a stressful life and for that you need strength.

11. Failure is normal:

When we try to improve our lives, we get blown. Inevitably. And you have to know that this is the norm. It would be rather abnormal if you never trip and never fall. That happens very rarely and only very few.

The normal case is that we fail umpteen times on the way and have to get up umpteen times before we reach our destination. Therefore, if you fail, tell yourself, this is normal. That was expectable. So get up again, shake it, lick the wounds, realign the compass, look ahead again and move on.

12. It's nicer together:

With all this focusing on you and your cause, please don't forget one thing. We humans need other humans. If someone in the world didn't bake bread or grow vegetables for you, you wouldn't have anything to eat. We need each other. We couldn't exist alone. We need other people who listen to us, with whom we exchange ideas, who calm us down, who get us out of our sometimes confused thoughts, who calm our doubts or show us a different point of view. We need other people who hug us, who help us and who are simply there for us. You need others. And more importantly, others need you. Therefore, take care of others. And allow others to take care of you.

That was 12 rules. Here you will find the 12 rules for a good life as a poster. For printing, hanging and moving.

Admittedly, these are not easy rules. But if you internalize these rules and if you read them through often and fill them with life, then I could imagine that your life will get better and better and better. That happiness and love will spread more and more in your life.

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