Rossiter chicken how long to cook

Cook poultry and prepare it in a variety of ways

You can prepare the whole bird, for example for the traditional martini goose or a roast duck. Even the crispy chicken from the daily kitchen is only carved after preparation.

If you only want to cook certain pieces of poultry, you can easily get them at the butcher or in the store.

There are the following sections:
  • Wings - crispy, very popular for grilling, little meat
  • Breast - the most expensive piece, the inner fillet is very tender and low in fat, can dry out when cooked
  • Leg, leg, thigh - a lot of meat, crispy, with large poultry such as goose, leg and thigh can be bought separately.
  • Backs - inexpensive, very little meat, ideal for soups. The “Pfaffenschnittchen” contained in the back piece is considered a delicacy in French gastronomy, but is rarely available individually
  • Neck, rump, offal - are usually removed before preparation or cooked in poultry soups.

Pet owners do not need to throw away the innards. For most dogs and cats, these parts (cooked) are a special treat.

How to cook poultry

Most importantly, poultry are susceptible to salmonella. For this reason, always wash thoroughly, pat dry and cook completely during further preparation.

Preparation for a soup:
If you want to cook poultry for a soup, you usually use a chicken that is the ideal size for the saucepan. So that the taste of the meat passes into the broth, the soup chicken is put on cold with the spices and cooked for about an hour. The meat can then be easily detached from the bones and added to the soup as an insert or otherwise prepared (for example chicken fricassee).

Preparation in the steamer:
Breast meat is ideal for preparation in the steamer. Fat is not required with this gentle cooking method. The steamed meat is easily digestible and also suitable for baby food (from the 5th to 6th month).

Preparation in the pan:
In many poultry recipes, the breast meat is fried in the pan, for example for strips of meat, fillets or schnitzel. Sear the meat briefly at a high temperature, reduce the heat immediately. For dishes with sauces, remove the seared meat and prepare the sauce. Only add the meat again at the end and let it simmer in the sauce over a low heat.

Preparation in the oven:
Legs and wings or the entire animal as a roast are suitable for preparation in the oven. Always cook with top / bottom heat, with convection the meat dries out quickly. During the cooking process, turn the poultry once and regularly pour over the gravy or stock.

Preparation on the grill:
Legs, wings and breast fillets can be deliciously prepared on the grill. The meat is usually marinated in a marinade before grilling, in which it soaks for a few hours.

Braising is a combination of searing and stewing (cooking in a little liquid). To do this, fry the poultry meat in a large saucepan or roasting pan with a little fat. Then pour in a little broth so that the bottom of the pot is covered. Add spices and, if necessary, other ingredients, put on the lid and finish cooking at a low temperature.

Carving poultry: step by step

A carving fork and sharp carving knife or poultry shears are required to effortlessly cut up a roast goose or turkey.
  1. Wrap the cooked roast in aluminum foil and let it rest for 20 minutes. This will distribute the juices evenly.
  2. Place the roast on the work surface with the back down. First cut the meat around the wings down to the bones, spread the wings with a fork, then cut through with a knife.
  3. Proceed in the same way for the legs: cut, spread and cut around the legs.
  4. Finally, remove the breast meat from the bone with the knife and cut into narrow slices.

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