Issei and Rias Lemon Fanfiction where Naruto

Chapter 43 - The End

'The hallmarks of a true Shinobi are based on self-sacrifice. A nameless shinobi who protects peace from its shadow and takes on all burdens. '

- Shisui Uchiha

~~~ Time leap: one and a half years ~~~

"No, I'm stronger, you hollowhead!" Naruto pissed angrily. Sasuke casually dodged his 'attack' and continued poking at him. "You talk big, loser, but can you testify to that? It's always said that big talk has nothing behind it, eh?" Naruto burst his collar and he began to blush with anger.


When he tried to hit him, a wall of ice blocked his attack. They both drew back in amazement and looked in my direction, confused. "Naruto, Sasuke. How often? I told you not to insult, provoke or tease each other. You know how much I hate it when you argue." I objected, a little annoyed .

"But onee-chan, he's started, really now!" Naruto gestured innocently at Sasuke with a dirty look. I raised an eyebrow and eyed Sasuke critically, who leaned calmly against the wall and looked away, offended. "Is that right?" I asked sharply. "He provoked me, it's his own fault, idiot ..."

"WHO DO YOU CALL FOOL, YOU FROG FACE!", Naruto thundered belligerently and went back to the Uchiha. I sighed in dismay and held him by the collar of his orange suit.

It was hard to imagine that these two fighters were really friends. They seemed completely different as a person, but they all had something in common. Both share the same ambition, stubbornness, pride and stupidity. Nobody was ready to give in or hurt their pride.

"Okay, how about that: The next one who starts an argument doesn't get dessert, understand ?!" Suddenly the chatter of the two stopped and they looked at me in shock.

"It's good, Onee-chan ..." both of them muttered grudgingly in unison. They exchanged confused looks, narrow-mindedly turned their backs on each other and pouted insulted. A smug smile slipped from me. Typical...

Sasuke has lived with us since the Uchiha clan massacre. By making nice concessions, I persuaded the Hokagen to transfer responsibility for him to me. This came in handy for Sasuke. During this time, after he lost his family and relatives, he needed someone to help him get started and guide him on the right path. Someone who was there for him.

At first he was very withdrawn, just crouching in his room and staring at the ceiling. But the depression and grief that he was able to hide did not evade me. I approached him more and more, with a certain caution and forbearance. He allowed it, he had known me for a long time and saw me like a sister - he could trust me with whatever he wanted, I would help him, stand by and support him. He could always rely on that and I tried hard to always be there for him and Naruto.

Nevertheless, Sasuke found it difficult to overcome himself. He was reluctant to talk about the massacre and even less about his brother. I accepted this and never said a word about it in his presence.

On the other hand, the topic didn't appeal to me too much either, but I got along better with it than Sasuke. Maybe it was because I knew the dark side of the whole story or had been confronted with sad and disappointing things a lot and it became a habit, who knows.