How To Fix Squeaky Iron-On Bra

Fix Squeaky Bra

Do you also know that bras that you have bought new are put on 2-3 times and then they start to "squeak"? I know the ultimate tip:

You take

  • 1 small nail scissors
  • Sewing thread in the same color as the bra
  • Sensitive plaster or bandage tape

That's how it's done

  1. At the very end, you separate something from the fabric that is around the bra underwire (as small as possible.
  2. You pull out the wire a little.
  3. Stick some bandage tape (or the sticky part of a plaster) around the end of the wire
  4. You push the wire back in
  5. The hole is sewn up again with firm stitches.

This is how you do it with everyone - and lo and behold, the squeaking has an end!

Have fun with all those old bras that have been in the drawer for far too long and that you can now put on again.