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If he were to do just a little more on Zampano, he would be sure of the very big train station. But nothing is further from Horst Hrubesch. The way in which the HSV idol will celebrate his 70th birthday on Saturday says a lot about what he is so valued for.

Laudators come in handy for him. Isn't his world. "The only one who always celebrates me is my mother", revealed Hrubesch in the podcast "Pur der HSV". And so he will celebrate his special day where he believes it belongs: With Mama Luise, at home in Hamm, Westphalia.

HSV legend Hrubesch is a football superstar

That fits the man who never allowed himself to be bent and who is one of the most popular football greats in the country. Strictly speaking, Hrubesch is a superstar, he just never showed it. He headed Germany to the European Championship title in 1980, made HSV champions three times and lifted the national championship trophy in 1983. As a coach, he led the U19 and U21 of the DFB to European Championship titles, the 2016 Olympic team to silver.

What Hrubesch tackles turns into gold. They are so happy in the Volkspark that the former striker came back as a junior boss in the summer of 2020 - and is working on the new HSV. Today it is especially celebrated without wanting to. “Everything that comes next is an encore,” says Hrubesch about his life. He's sure of a standing ovation.

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