When I've almost given up on the lyrics

Eveline Suter: I almost gave up


Coopzeitung: What is Bibi Balù about?
Eveline Suter:Two crooks pass the charming Bibi off as a financially distressed student from the Pacific island of Balù and collect money for her on the street. In the end, they themselves are tricked by their innocent angel, who turns out to be quite rascal.

What do you know about the original version from the 1960s?
In preparation, I went to see a recording of a performance at the Bernhard Theater in Zurich with Ruedi Walter and Jörg Schneider a few times. Ines Torelli played Bibi in a fantastic way. That's why I have great respect for following in their footsteps.

What is the difference between Bibi Balù and Alperose?
With Bibi Balù, catchy songs were written in the traditional way to match a plot, while with Alperose the hits by Polo Hofer were already there and a story was invented that connects them.

With almost 50 years of age, doesn't the crook story seem a little dusty?
No, on the one hand their musical and comedic qualities have stood the test of time, on the other hand the arrangements and the jokes have been gently adapted to today's times. I find it nice not only in music not to just throw away old things. I just put my grandparents' closet in our living room!

You are a musical star. Why did you choose this subject?
Because I couldn't choose between singing, music, dancing and acting! (laughs) I found the classical trumpet playing, which I studied as a teenager at the Lucerne Conservatory, too spartan and one-sided. I love the versatility, but also the glitter and glamor of show business.

How did your parents react when you dropped out of high school at 18?
Well. They knew that I was totally pissed off. I often practiced the trumpet in the wardrobe at 6 a.m. in the morning so I wouldn't disturb the neighbors, or I skipped school to go to Vienna to see my drama teacher. When I applied to the Performing Arts Studios there, my mother even accompanied me to the three-day entrance exams on the night train.

How did you experience your training?
It was a very intense time. Classes lasted from 7.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and in the evenings we mostly practiced or had individual lessons. Later, at the Lee Strasberg School in New York, in addition to the full workload, I even waited black and slept barely more than three hours.

Has this extreme passion only had a positive effect?
No, there were times when I put myself under so much pressure at auditions or performances that I almost collapsed from stage fright and weak knees. When I also had to turn down a leading role in the musical Hair in New York for lack of a green card, I thought: I can't take it any longer. I have to give up my job.

Did music help you cope with your parents' death?
When, after my mother, my father died of cancer last year, I suffered enormously. After the performances with the musical Die Päpstin, in which many people also died, I drove from Fulda to Potsdam to be in front of the camera in the Sat.1 series Anna und die Liebe the next day, or to Switzerland to be at my father's sickbed. Sometimes on stage I no longer knew whether I was crying because of him or because of the role.

Now you finally have the green card with which you could make a career on Broadway.
I am no longer sure whether I will use it. I have my brother, my sister and my boyfriend here, I get great roles and I feel more comfortable than ever in my 34th apartment, which I have just moved into with Marcel. Is it worth breaking down the tents just to climb one step higher? Or should I even do yoga training in Switzerland and still start a family? (laughs)

Could you take your friend and dog to New York with you?
Marcel would come with me and surely find a job in one of the many good restaurants in Manhattan if I got a long-term engagement. The Jack Russel Terrier that I got from the shelter can no longer be without one of us. I don't want to miss his affection anymore. He often makes me laugh, even when I'm not in a good mood.

What is your schedule for the next few months?
I will sing the musical on the Walensee stage in Walenstadt in Tell until August 25th. Then the rehearsals for Bibi Balù begin, which we play until November 10th. From November 20th I will be with Peter Marvey and Rolf
Schmid participate in Swiss Christmas. I am also the spokesperson for the library for the blind, which I particularly enjoy.


Eveline Suter

Job: singer and actress
Date of birth: June 24, 1979, in Zug
Civil status: in a relationship with chef Marcel (27)
Place of residence: train
Career: Training at the Performing Arts Studios Vienna (1998-2001) and Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute New York (2007/08). Musical and TV roles: Mamma Mia !, Evita, The Popess, Anna and Love, Alperose.
Current: Tell Das Musical (until August 25th in Walenstadt), leading role in Bibi Balù with Walter Andreas Müller, Christian Jott Jenny and Nicolai Mylanek from September 27th at the Bernhard Theater in Zurich.



Excerpt from the musical original from 1967 with Ines Torelli on the SF video portal

Briefly asked

Which book is on your bedside table right now?
On the one hand the piece Bibi Balu, and on the other hand House of Night 4- Untamed, which I am currently reading for the library for the blind and visually impaired.

Who is your favorite novel hero?

And what role models do you have in reality?
Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jodie Foster, for example, impress me as an actor.

What was the last movie you saw?
Biutiful with Javier Bardem. A great, but very sad film

And which film would you like to see again?
Whatever happened to Baby Jane. The actors are just fantastic! A 60's film with Bette Davis, Joan Crawford and Victor Bruno.

Your favorite movie hero?
The teacher Matthieu from the film Monsieur Matthieu's children is a hero to me.

What kind of music are you listening to right now?
There's a song I've just rediscovered since I recently sang it at a gig: The Rose by Bette Middler. The text is beautiful.

Which CD would you take with you to the desert island?
Probably something lighter. I choose Peach Weber.

Which musician would you like to have a drink with?
With Liza Minelli! I saw her live on Broadway and loved it. I cried and laughed at the same time.

What do you cook yourself?
I am, so to speak, a eater of leftovers and always try to use just what needs to be put away in the refrigerator. It doesn't even taste that bad.

Your favorite food?
Truffle spaghetti à la Marcel (This is my friend, he is a cook and I can often wish what I like to eat)

Your favorite drink?
Without alcohol: Apple spritzer With alcohol: Campari Orange

Who do you prefer to eat with?
I would prefer not to say always, but our dog is always there at the table and is very careful to see if something falls down.

And where do you prefer to eat?
I have a little coffee in New York that I have fond memories of with friends: it's called Alice's Tea Cup. And there are such fine sweets that your heart leaps for joy.

Mac or PC?

Car or train?

Wine or beer?

Pasta or fondue?
Fondue, because you rarely eat it alone and I love to eat with family and friends

Jogging or walking?
to jog

Mountains or sea?
I'll calm down as soon as I'm on the water. No matter if sea, river or lake. Hence the sea.

When was the last time you cried?
In the above film Biutiful.

How do you make you laugh?
With a dry sense of humor

Which animal would you most like to be?
A lioness, I was recently told that I was reminiscent of a seahorse ...

What are you dreaming of?
From an old farmhouse with a garden, although a small castle with a swimming pool cannot be ruled out in my dreams.

What is the greatest happiness for you?
That becomes an enumeration: to be an actress and singer and to be able to make a living from having my friend Marcel and my dog ​​Jack, knowing my friends and family within a radius of no more than a few kilometers around me (unfortunately not always feasible), and Eating truffle spaghetti.