Kf300 eaw specs howard

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Now, the question.

I am seeing the market flooded with alot of used EAW KF gear (KF850, KF650e / i / z, KF300i / z).

As a weekend warrior who does christian / gospel events (i.e. may not need 115 db at 75 'FOH in nothing larger than a "gymatorium" with 900 packed to capacity), would looking into these boxes be a feasible route? I have done 2 VRX932 per side and the coverage was great for me (just WOW those boxes are bright !!). I already have a pair of SB1000z, which while are heavy are the step up from the SRX718s that I will use for smaller productions (500 total capacity, 105 db at 50 '). The weight doesn't bother me (I am 35, and I always have help). Being a musician I am really big on sound quality at this point, and if investing in used KF stuff will give the quality that I am looking for at this point then I can use this until I can afford a pair of Danley SH50s 8) ~~.

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