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While the ascendant symbolizes our self-image, the descendant, as the opposite sign, reflects the partner's image. The two points are connected to each other in the horoscope as an axis for the self and you.

The Descendant sets with the sun on the western horizon - a fascinating symbol for love. But the western direction is also a symbol of power and arouses the urge to conquer. A new path can begin at the Descendant. Are we ready for a partnership? What influence does the descendant have on the character and how does he relate to the zodiac signs?



Descendant - the point of sunset


A person's personality can be read from the ascendant. The top of the first house describes the individual temperament, the behavior that we show to the outside world and how our fellow human beings perceive us. The descendant acts as a meaningful opposite pole and the beginning of the seventh house, who has an effect on a person's individuality through supplementary or restrictive impulses. The descendant is exactly opposite the ascendant. The ascendant corresponds to the sign of the zodiac that rises on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth at the place of birth, while the descendant sets on the western horizon at the same time. The term comes from the Latin: "Descendere" and means to descend. The sinking point shows you which people you are particularly attracted to, which environment you prefer or which reactions certain events trigger.



What influence does the descendant have on the character?


In astrology, the descendant as a supplementary sign is as important as the ascendant. At the ascendant we see our self-image and at the descendant we go in search of the complement to our self. There is connectivity between the first and the seventh house. You encounter the stimulating object in the seventh house, while you find the reaction in the ascendant. The ascendant could in principle not develop its effect without the descendant. The descendant summarizes all characteristics and shows the zodiac signs which experiences are useful for their further development. The signs of the zodiac, which are intersected by the ascendant-descendant axis, provide information about what you really need for your life in order to feel at peace with yourself.



How can descendants be calculated?


The descendants of the zodiac signs can be calculated in different ways. First of all, it is necessary to calculate the ascendant taking into account the date, time and place of birth. This also works with an online ascendant calculator, but the result is more accurate if a professional astrologer calculates the ascendant and interprets the findings professionally. If the exact ascendant position is determined, which is indicated as a degree in a zodiac sign, the descendant can be recognized. It is easier if you add or subtract six zodiac signs from your zodiac sign in ascending or descending order. In general, the ascendants are exactly 180 degrees opposite the descendants.



Which zodiac signs are facing each other in the zodiac?


The horoscope is the most important instrument for interpretation in astrology, with the 12 signs of the zodiac forming the basis. One of the most important positions is taken by the horizon axis of the ascendant and descendant. Opposite zodiac signs mirror each other, just as they complement each other. The following zodiac signs face each other in the zodiac.


The descendants and their associated ascendants:

  • Aries descendant - Libra ascendant
  • Taurus ascendant - Scorpio ascendant
  • Descendant Gemini - Sagittarius ascendant
  • Cancer ascendant - Capricorn ascendant
  • Leo ascendant - Aquarius ascendant
  • Virgo ascendant - Pisces ascendant
  • Libra ascendant - Aries ascendant
  • Scorpio ascendant - Taurus ascendant
  • Sagittarius ascendant - Gemini ascendant
  • Descendant Capricorn - Ascendant Cancer
  • Aquarius ascendant - Leo ascendant
  • Pisces descendant - Virgo ascendant

What is the significance of the descendant in the partner horoscope?


In the partner horoscope, the seventh house and the descendant are crucial aspects, because these two factors stand for relationships in general and the ability to approach someone in particular. Your descendant stands for the you side, i.e. what you need as a supplement, the ascendant describes your own self. When choosing a partner, the descendant and the ascendant can provide important information. Both points together practically result in a kind of formula with regard to the connection of two zodiac signs.


Some examples of what the respective zodiac signs are looking for:

  • Pisces and Virgo: Perfectionism seeks the dreamy
  • Capricorn and Cancer: high performance seeks security
  • Aquarius and Leo: Rationality seeks gut feeling
  • Sagittarius and Gemini: Idealism seeks pragmatism

The search for the dream partner does not always succeed with this short formula, of course. The connection between zodiac signs that are exactly opposite each other on the ascendant-descendant axis can also lead to difficulties, because opposites are not always green, as is well known. If you already live in a partnership, you can have a partner analysis carried out. Astrologers analyze two natal charts and compare them with one another. In this way you will learn everything about the respective zodiac sign, including the ascendant and descendant, and know what they have in common, where they complement and differentiate one another. A partner analysis can be a good guide in the life of two people.