How to get to Vetal Tekdi Pune map

Distance from TKD to Pune

Flight route: 8.226.12km (10h 10min)

The flight distance between Takoradi Airport (ACC) and Pune (BOM) is 8,226.12km. This corresponds to an approximate flight time of 10h 10min. Similar flight routes: ACC → GOI, ACC → HYD, ACC → BLR, ACC → CCJ, LOS → BOM

Bearing: 79.55 ° (E)

The initial bearing on the course from TKD to Pune is 79.55 ° and the compass direction is E.

Midpoint: 14.69681,34.94018

The geographic midpoint between TKD and Pune is in 4,160.78km distance between both points in a bearing of 79.55 °. It is located in Sudan, Gedarif State, al Faw (السودان, ولاية القضارف, الفاو).

Distance: 8,321.55km

The shortest distance (air line) between TKD and Pune is 8,321.55km.

Driving distance: - (-)

The shortest route between TKD and Pune is according to the route planner. The driving time is approx. Half of the route is reached in

Time difference: 5.5h

The time difference between TKD (Africa / Accra) and Pune (Asia / Kolkata) is 5.5 hours. That means, it is now 5:19 PM (05/17/2021) in TKD and 10:49 PM (05/17/2021) in Pune.