How do I get Henman Hill tickets

How do I buy a lift ticket using the INSIDE LAAX app?

Have you already installed the INSIDE LAAX app? If not, here are the instructions for the installation.


After you have downloaded and started the app, you need a user account. All you need is your email and access to your mailbox. We will send you a four-digit access code, by entering the code your user account will be created. Here you can find instructions for logging in.


Now press "Ticket shop"in the main navigation below and select the ticket you want.


Step 1 of 2

Choose under "Period"Select the days for which you want to buy a ticket. To buy a multi-day ticket, choose the first and last day. To switch to another month, scroll up or down. Press"Select period"to accept your selection.



Determine your "people", press for this on"Select people". If you have already saved people, they will be displayed here. Please check that the correct keycard is stored with the relevant person or" No keycard "is displayed if you need a new keycard for this person by using the button (slider).

To create a new person, press "Add person"and fill in the information and select a data carrier (keycard). You can find detailed instructions on how to add a person here

To modify a person's information, click on the person icon on the left.

After you have selected the correct date and people, you can scroll down and book additional services, e.g. a blueline upgrade or a parking space in the INSIDE Parking. Press connect on "Further"to go to step 2 of 2.


Step 2 of 2 

Above you see a "Order overview"of your order, please check people and keycards again. If you want to change your order again, click on the arrow at the top left.

You will find the choice of payment method under the order overview. Do you already have one Means of payment you can select it. Would you like the payment method press "Change the means of payment"to match this.

Do you have a "Discount-Token"(digital voucher or voucher), enter this under"Select or add tokens" a.

For your security, we open a window from our payment service provider, who processes your payment method details with the highest security standards. The window opens as soon as you click "Buy now"press.

After completing the order, you will receive an order confirmation by email. We also save your order in the "profile" under "Transactions".

We'll credit you with INSIDE points for your booking - find out more here.


If you have already selected a keycard or your SwissPass as a data carrier when purchasing, you can go straight through the turnstile and onto the slopes.

If you have bought a new keycard, you can easily pick up the ordered tickets at the pick-up stations. They are located at all valley stations in Flims, Laax and Falera. Simply scan the QR code from your order confirmation at the machine and you will receive the tickets you have ordered. Long queues at the ticket office are a thing of the past.