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Perfection through omission

Perfection is not achieved when there is nothing more to add, but when nothing can be left out."(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

I grit my teeth at this sentence.

The toilet paper is certainly one of those things that can be further perfected by leaving it out. The success is then clearly obvious or the perfect solution then hangs in the pants. Ludwig remembers the litter box. My philosophically educated cat Miau Meeh would recommend on the intellectual level of an Antoines that in addition to the toilet paper, people also leave themselves out in order to perfect themselves and those of their own kind. (the ideology of the Greens)

That sounds kind of familiar to me. Oh yes, the left-green ideology thrives on it. Only by omitting does man perfect himself and save the planet. What has to go so that a person can finally find happiness? To list it all would fill pages. Private cars, air travel, meat consumption, cats and dogs, families with children, all energy-stable power plants, cement for housing, oil heating, all types of consumption, right up to energy-guzzling cultural sites such as opera houses, museums and theaters - everything that life has ever seen made meaningful and easier. Of course you have to leave out home to achieve perfection.

Eating each other up will of course also save the planet. The final kind of perfection - isn't it? The diabolical aspect of perfection is its self-extinction. Creator's adversary, so to speak. He cannot stand that he has failed. The Creator has infinite patience. The left-wing Greens cannot bear any of this. Life is a constant alternation of trial and error and advancement. Never going back to the old days.

Forgot something? Yes, tolerance. The thoughts are of course free as long as they do not contradict the left-wing green ideology. Otherwise there is a pick with the N # ziekeule. The perfection of tolerance is left-green by omitting itself.

In his book 'Nachtflug' he asks the questions ...For which values ​​can a person's individual happiness be jeopardized? ... In the name of which values ​​can one sacrifice the happiness of individuals? ...  „There are no solutions in life. There are forces in motion that have to be created, the solutions follow.“One looks in vain for an answer to this in his work. The book is quick to read and a waste of time.

"Perfection is not achieved when there is nothing more to add, but when nothing can be left out."

This sentence by Antoine could have been said in an esoteric seminar er election campaign event of the Greens and the audience cheer and applaud without even understanding it, like all the 'striking' ejections of the gurus and green talking dolls.

“We are all one” or “Everything is love”, “You are in yourself”. However, this chatter is already out of date. Replaced by self-optimization with minimalist perfection through self-mortification up to and including self-extermination.

Back to the trees, the forest is being swept.

What has fundamentally changed in the ESO scene? So far, gurus with stinking, unwashed shaggy beards and hair fringes up to the A-fold could pull the money out of the pockets of the spoiled affluent citizens who had no meaning in life themselves with sayings such as “You are your luck Schmid - you will make it to a millionaire”.

The modern left-green Esos use the same striking expression to enforce their perverse fantasies of power. However, since they can no longer do it on their own, they have to send children who are financially well pampered. Well, they have enough experience with child molestation. These fff children were then allowed to practice the brave new world of the perfection of omitting by playing dead at the truancy demonstrations.

At some point a clear-thinking politician, and not just him, will find out: The 4th Reich of the Greens was a fly shit in history. We have come through this evil age with renewed strength. The world is a little better than bad. Long live the diversity of peoples - everyone in their homeland. Only there can he develop and work. Not by fleeing and others have to do it for me is hip.

The Pope announces in his Easter message 2025: Jesus was originally called CO2. He is the messenger of eternal life. No longer donate his adversary dressed in green.

That too will pass. Everything has an end, only the sausage has two.

After the final question about the meaning of life with 42 If the answer is sufficient and adequate, I am amazed that someone should come along and ask who rolled the cheese to the station. Good night and nice dreams, dear congregation.


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