Ssrs iif multiple values ​​in the where clause

SSRS value-added parameters. Make sure "Select All" is selected

According to Microsoft's ssrs help search:

= Parameters! .Count Returns the integer value 1. For a single value parameter, the number is always 1.

I verified that this actually works, check the integer returned for the built-in parameter count field.

Allow multiple values ​​for a parameter selection. If you check the value of the field above, you will know how many values ​​the user actually selected.

In my situation I allow several values ​​on company number. This gives users the option to choose a company that will produce reports at the same time or multiple reports. If you select multiple customers, the data will be displayed horizontally. If only one company is selected in the parameter list, display the data vertically and hide the other table.

So the expression of my point of view to show or hide looks like this in the one tablix:

= IIF (parameter company_number.Count> 1, True, False!)

and like this in the others:

= IIF (Parameter! Company number.Number = 1, true, false)

Happy coding! Robyn