What is splice method in Javascript

Use JavaScript to remove the object from the array

How can I remove an object from an array? I want to remove the object that contains the name from. For example:

I want to reach:


You can use several methods to remove elements from an array:

If you want to remove the item in place, use:


Reply to the comment by @ chill182: You can remove one or more elements from an array or use (see MDN ) combine, e.g.

I recommend using lodash.js or Sugar.js for general tasks like this:

In most projects it is very useful to have a number of helper methods provided by such libraries.

The clean solution would be to use:

The problem with this is that it won't work on IE <9. However, you can paste in code from a Javascript library (such as underscore.js) that implements this for any browser.

How about?

Your "array" is invalid JavaScript syntax as shown. Curly brackets represent objects with property name / value pairs, but square brackets represent arrays - as follows:

In that case, you can use the method to remove an item. To remove the first element (index 0) say:

If you don't know the index, but you want to search the array to find the element called "Kristian" to remove, you can do the following:

EDIT: I just noticed that your question is marked "jQuery" so you can try the method:


It will John remove !

You could use array.filter ().


Arrow functions:

I've created a dynamic function that takes the Array, Key, and value objects and returns the same array after removing the desired object:

Full example: DEMO

This is a feature that works for me:

You can also try doing something like this:

Use the splice function for arrays. Enter the position of the start element and the length of the partial sequence that you want to remove.

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