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What is a visit to a concert by the pagan folk / rock group FAUN in Tagwerk doing? Well, in this case I simply combined my hobby with work. The concert alone made the trip to Hanover, where the opening concert of the “Fairy Tales & Myths” tour took place, well worth it. Duty came before pleasure, which in this case also turned out to be the purest pleasure. The FAUNE actually received PROFESSOR ZAMORRA author Thilo Schwichtenberg and me shortly before the start of the concert in a relaxed mood to take a photo with us.
What this is for is not yet revealed at this point. but you might be able to guess if you look closely. And no, it has nothing to do with the witch doll that Stephan Groth is holding at step height. He just shook hands with everyone because of the rampant corona virus.
By the way, the concert was terrific!

In the sign of Corona, we remember that pandemics have always kept mankind in suspense: The Antonist Pest (165-180), the Justianische Pest (541) and last but not least the Black Death (1347-1352).

To this day it is controversial whether the Black Death was actually caused by plague bacteria. But the symptoms were the same: At the beginning there was swelling in the groin area or in the armpit, then black and bruises appeared all over the body - the harbingers of death. Ultimately, the Black Death killed a third of the European population: 20 million people!

The plague and the black death are also discussed again and again in the DORIAN HUNTER novels - that is exactly the topic in my blog post today!

The photo shows Ernst Vlcek and me making plans at the plague column in Vienna.

It has been a long time since Bad Salzuflen was the scene of a gigantic superhero battle.
Older people remember the mighty Oster-Thor, Captain Gradierwerk or the cunning Jokerman, who promised us funny boules lanes and exciting playgrounds in the city center. But now it's about more: about humanity! More about this fateful event in my current Salzstreuner column. Read it yourself!

THE DANDY IS DEAD is the name of the small, but extremely fine magazine, in the seventh issue of which my story “Der Anhalter” can be read - even a poster for the story is included!

By the way, if you are too lazy to read, you can also read the story at CREEPY CREATURES REVIEW read aloud on YouTube!


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