What a forbidden jutsu has Orochimaru mastered

Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto Yakushi

  • human
  • Snake shape
  • Sennin mode


  • Right hand and companion of Orochimaru(formerly)
  • Ally of Tobi (formerly)
  • Konoha Orphanage Overseer

Skills / weapons

  • Chakra scalpel
  • Kekkei Genkai from Jūgo's clan
  • Sakon and Ukons Kekkei Genkai
  • Shikotsumyaku
  • Hermit mode


  • Maintenance of his scalpels.
  • Help and serve Orochimaru (in Rock Lee).


  • Get stronger than Orochimaru (formerly).
  • Catch Sasuke (formerly).
  • Find a new identity (formerly).
  • Search for the real you and support the alliance against Madara (reached).
  • Help Orochimaru in his revenge on Lee and the destruction of Konoha (in Rock Lee).

Kind of villain

“The name was a sign ... The glasses were a tool ... From the beginning I was nobody. From the beginning ... I had nothing. "

- Kabuto reveals its origins to Itachi.

“Since Orochimaru's death I don't know who I am again. (...) I don't know my parents or my country. An enemy took care of me, and as a spy I wandered through countries and villages from an early age. I didn't know what a country or a village could mean until I became a follower of Master Orochimaru. But he is no longer there either. Who am I? The agonizing search for one's own identity ... you know that too, don't you, Naruto? "

- Kabuto talks to Naruto about his origins.

Kabuto Yakushi (in Japanese: 薬 師 カ ブ ト, Yakushi Kabuto) is a villain from the manga and anime series Naruto. In Part I of the series he has the role of the secondary antagonist, in Part II he appears as an important antagonist. He is a Nukenin who originally worked with Orochimaru before going on his own and becoming a greater threat to the protagonists until he found the real me and, along with Obito Uchiha, became a valuable ally against Madara and Kuro Zetsu.

In the course of the series Kabuto acted as a supporting antagonist (in the plot sections "The Chunin Selection Exams" and "The Final of the Chunin Selection Exams & Orochimaru's Revenge"), as a secondary antagonist (in the plot sections "The Search for Tsunade" and "The Search after Sasuke "), as the main antagonist (in the plot section" The hunt for the Sanbi "), as a secondary antagonist (in the plot sections" Taking possession of the Kyuubi and fateful encounters "and" The fourth great Shinobi World War - attackers from the beyond "), as the main antagonist in the plot section "Chikara (season 13 of Naruto Shippūden) "and as a supporting antagonist in the plot section" The Endless Tsukuyomi - The Conjuring ".

In the Japanese original it was dubbed by Nobutoshi Canna (adult) or Mariko Mizuno (child), the German speaker was Patrick Bach.



When Kabuto was a child, he was found outside a ruined village with a head injury and no memories.

He was taken to an orphanage where a nun named Nonō Yakushi treated him. Because of his shyness, he said nothing to anyone and did not even thank Nono for her kindness.

One of the other orphans, Urushi, asked if Kabuto had manners before putting a helmet on his head to protect his head injury. Urushi said his missing name was annoying. Nonō was therefore inspired by the helmet and decided to call it "Kabuto". That night, Kabuto, feeling guilty for not thanking Nono, got up to look for her. However, the other carers caught him and he got into trouble because he got up after the curfew.

They took Kabuto to a watch to teach him the curfew time, and at first glance it seemed like he was too young to know the time. However, Nono saw that he was blinking and gave the boy her glasses so he could find out the curfew. Since the orphanage could not afford glasses for Kabuto, Nono allowed him to keep hers. The boy started crying out of gratitude and kept saying thank you as she comforted him.

As he grew up, Kabuto learned medical skills from Nonō, helped her heal shinobi, and raised money for the orphanage. This led to his first encounter with Orochimaru, who suggested that he become a shinobi, but Kabuto was not interested. The boy later overheard Nonō talking to Danzō Shimura, who wanted an orphan to join the ANBU unit Ne in order to finance the orphanage in return.

Kabuto accepted the offer and was used on missions that infiltrated hidden villages. During one of these missions in Iwagakure, Kabuto's camouflage was exposed, he had to withdraw and accidentally attacked Nonō. She couldn't see him, even though he was healing her injuries, and Kabuto began to ponder and question his purpose in life.

Kabuto was approached again by Orochimaru, who informed him that his fight against Nono had been staged by Danzo, as Kabuto knew too much and had thus become an obstacle. During the course of a brainwashing process, Nonō was regularly seen photos of another person who at one point believed to be Kabuto. This led her to kill him with the promise that Ne would free him from his position. Orochimaru revealed that his mission now was to kill the surviving Kabuto. This infuriated Kabuto and he announced that Nes missions had stolen the identity that he really could have had.

Orochimaru did not try (contrary to his mission) to kill Kabuto and admitted to seeing a little of himself in the youngster. He offered him a new identity and position as his right-hand man in Otogakure. Orochimaru actually gave Kabuto a new identity: for espionage purposes, he had him announce that he had been found in the Battle of Kikyo Pass and raised by the chief of the Konoha Medical Unit.

Kabuto was later sent out to spy on Sasori for Orochimaru, but the Akatsuki member used a technique to turn him into his own sleep agent. However, Orochimaru was able to break Sasori's control of Kabuto, who continued to pretend to be the Akatsuki member's servant to find out about Akatsuki's plans.

During Kabuto's time in Konoha, he achieved the rank of genin and took the Chunin exams to collect information about the other participants for Orochimaru. Kabuto also helped Orochimaru in his human experiments and gained more knowledge about the human body in the next few years.

Invasion of Konoha

Before the Chunin exams, Kabuto befriended the new Genin by giving them information about their competitors. In the second phase, Kabuto teamed up with Team 7 so that he could pass the exam with as little effort as possible.

They eventually competed against Team Oboro and Kabuto saved Naruto from an attack that caused his glasses to fall off. He lost his temper briefly, his lust for murder emerged and paralyzed Team Oboro as well as Sasuke and Sakura.

However, Kabuto enabled Naruto to defeat Team Oboro and then met again with his team, Yoroi Akadō and Misumi Tsurugi, before delivering his report on Sasuke to Orochimaru. After his master left to observe Sasuke himself, Kabuto canceled the Chunin exams. He apologized to Naruto for being tired, weak and afraid of risking his life further, but in reality he feared that he might show his true abilities and be exposed.

Finally, Orochimaru was able to find out everything he wanted about Sasuke and ordered Kabuto to capture him. The renegade Genin defeated the eight ANBUs guarding Sasuke, but was forced to retreat by Kakashi Hatake.

Afterwards, Kabuto spoke to Baki about the impending invasion of Sunagakure and Otogakure in Konoha. However, they noticed that Hayate was overhearing Gekkō and Kabuto offered to take him down, but instead, Baki did it.

During the final of the Chūnin Exam, Kabuto killed an ANBU member and hid in his uniform and mask in the audience. After Sasuke wounded Gaara, Kabuto used a technique to make the audience fall asleep and begin the invasion of Konoha.

He sent an Otogakure ninja after Naruto when he was chasing Sasuke. Namely, he thought Naruto could become a problem if it wasn't dealt with quickly. However, Kabuto seemed to expect that the Oto ninja would fail, since all he wanted to do was test Naruto's skills. After the invasion stopped, Kabuto withdrew from the village.

Search for Tsunade

Since Orochimaru was badly wounded in the invasion, he and Kabuto searched for Tsunade, hoping she could cure him. You managed to find them and apparently convince them to help them. But as Tsunade was preparing to heal Orochimaru, Kabuto noticed the murderous lust behind her healing technique and stopped her. After Tsunade revealed her intention, Kabuto decided to use force to convince her. Although Kabuto had strengthened himself by taking Hyōrōgan, he was inferior in battle. He used Tsunade's hemophobia on her before Shizune arrived, which he could easily beat.

Naruto, who also arrived, was surprised that Kabuto was working for Orochimaru. Kabuto overwhelmed Naruto and insulted his dream of becoming Hokage. Kabuto managed to hit Naruto's heart with his chakra scalpel. However, Naruto hit Kabuto with a Rasengan, seriously injuring him and preventing him from healing completely. Finally, he helped Orochimaru summon Manda before withdrawing from the fight with him. Later, when Orochimaru was waiting for Sasuke to come to Otogakure, Kabuto advised him to take Gen'yūmaru as a new host while persuading Kimimaro to risk his life to bring Sasuke to them.

More missions with Orochimaru

Almost three years later, Kabuto met the reformed Kakashi team (led by Yamato). The team wanted to shadow a meeting between Sasori and his spy and discovered that the agent was Kabuto. When Kabuto was ordered to kill Sasori, he destroyed the Hiruko doll before Orochimaru revealed that her opponent was not Sasori but Yamato in disguise.

While Orochimaru fought Naruto (forcing himself to hold back), Kabuto healed Sakura after she was accidentally attacked by Naruto in his four-tailed form, telling her that they have a common enemy in Akatsuki. After the fight, Kabuto returned to their base along with Orochimaru and Team Kakashi's new member Sai. He was also ordered to leave a corpse in the shape of Sai so that no one would follow them.

After Sai's capture, Kabuto came to help him, but he was captured by Sai instead. Kabuto had no way of escaping and was willing to divulge information, but he told Naruto not to try to get Sasuke back. When Team 7 searched the Orochimaru base, Kabuto was left on his own and was able to escape. He teamed up with his master and Sasuke.

Soon after, Orochimaru realized that he would soon have to change his body and sent Kabuto to get Guren. He found her, but she attacked him to test if he was worth taking care of Orochimaru and he managed to prove himself. Kabuto then took Guren to Orochimaru's base, where he assigned them to test prisoners to form a team.

After Guren and her team failed to kill a group of Konoha ninjas, Kabuto forced them to help him summon Isobu, the Sanbi. He let Guren try to suppress Isobu with their Shōton technique. But this failed and Kabuto decided that he had to think of another method and withdrew for the time being. After that, while he was working on his final attempt to capture Isobu, he had a secret meeting with Rinji, a spy who worked under him.

Kabuto found out that Konoha had tried to seal Isobu and went to find Guren and Yūkimaru and stop those attempts. He succeeded, but the Konoha ninjas managed to take Yūkimaru with them, and Kabuto became very saddened. He made Kigiri, Kihō, and Nurari believe that they would die from the wounds they had sustained fighting the Konoha ninjas. So Kabuto was able to subject them to an operation in which he gave them Orochimarus Juin to give them additional power.

Kabuto then disguised himself as Rinji and got Yūkimaru to use his powers to develop Isobu's full power, even though he was weakened at the time. Kabuto tried to get Yūkimaru to let Sanbi get out of hand, but when that didn't work, he revealed to Yūkimaru that Guren had killed his mother. To Kabuto's great shock, he forgave her and Kabuto attacked them with his chakra scalpel, but Naruto intervened. He brought to light the apostate's deception and fought against Kabuto.

Since Naruto had improved his skills, he was initially able to gain the upper hand over his opponent. When Guren tried to escape with Yūkimaru, Kabuto asked Rinji to stop them. However, Guren sacrificed himself to kill Rinji, causing Yūkimaru to let Isobu run out of control and Kabuto withdrew contentedly.

Kabuto's advancement

After Orochimaru was defeated by Sasuke, Kabuto used his genjutsu to find out what had happened. Kabuto took the remains of his master and planted them in his body. He noticed that the foreign cells were trying to take over his body while he was trying to keep them under control. Kabuto eventually met Naruto and explained why he had done such a dangerous thing to himself. By overcoming Orochimaru he wanted to become strong enough in his body that he no longer had to serve anyone to find his true self.

Kabuto thanked Naruto for inspiring him and gave him a book that contained all of Orochimaru's information about Akatsuki. He also said that once he killed Sasuke (as revenge for his former master) he would fight Naruto.

In the midst of his metamorphosis, Kabuto tried to use the Edo Tensei technique, which he was still practicing at the time, to conquer Tonika-mura with Deidara and other deceased ninja. He wanted to use the unique water of the village to improve the ability of his clone snakes and to reconstruct the body of a living ninja according to his needs. However, while successfully gaining control of a mock Hidan, Kabuto found it harder to control a clone of Naruto in its four-tailed state. A little later, Kabuto discovered Ryūchidō, where he tried to master the snake senjutsu. Ultimately, Kabuto achieved a true Sennin mode and surpassed his master by perfecting Edo Tensei in a revolutionary way.

Later, after gaining full strength and killing Takigakure ninja, Kabuto made his way to Sangaku no Hakaba, killing people along the way so that Anko and her infiltration and reconnaissance unit could follow him. When Kabuto got to his destination, he found Tobi pretending to be Madara Uchiha. Tobi remembered that Kabuto had once been a spy for Akatsuki and tried to kill him for his betrayal.

However, Kabuto used Edo Tensei to summon five of Akatsuki's deceased members. He offered Tobi an army of reanimated ninjas for the forthcoming fourth ninja world war, but asked Sasuke in return. Although Tobi initially refused to cooperate with Kabuto, he was able to persuade him to accept the proposal by conjuring a sixth coffin containing the real Madara Uchiha. Tobi accepted the offer on the condition that he would not give Sasuke over until the end of the war and let Kabuto join his inner circle.

Accompanied by Deidara, Kabuto set out to capture the last two Bijū, Gyūki and Kurama, who were out of Tobi's reach, although he was more interested in Yamato. As they approached the island turtle Genbu, they tried to distract the Tsuchikage Ōnoki by using Deidara's Nendo Bunshin. However, Ōnoki was able to outsmart them with an Iwa Bunshin when he and his allies confronted them. But Kabuto used Manda II to slow the island turtle and had Deidara attack with an explosive clay octopus, eventually causing it to tip over. While Deidara was dealing with Ōnoki, Kabuto went ashore with Kurotsuchi.Yamato showed up and tried to help Aoba Yamashiro fix Kabuto so he could read his mind. It took on a snake shape, however, and captured Yamato before retreating into Manda II's nose, returning to Tobi, and forcing Deidara back into his coffin. Tobi asked if he failed, but Kabuto said that with Yamato's Mokuton they can increase the power of the white Zetsu army. Tobi accepted this alternative. Later, Kabuto stopped Tobi from "interrogating" Yamato with Nemmeno so that Yamato could be integrated into the tree with Hashirama's clone.

Fourth ninja world war

After Kabuto had prepared and modified his army, he sent his reanimated ninjas (with the exception of his surprise and distraction unit) into play. He gave specific instructions to the unit before meeting Anko and fighting them. Although Tobi ordered him to kill her, Kabuto stated that he must let her live to increase his power over the reanimated ninjas by absorbing Orochimaru's chakra from their juin. Tobi realized that Kabuto had deliberately lured Anko into the vicinity of his hiding place and asked him to demonstrate the use of Edo Tensei to him.

Kabuto demonstrated the jutsu step by step, with Fū being sacrificed to reanimate Torune and some methods to stop it. Kabuto disappeared, leaving behind an apparently satisfied Tobi. In his mind, Kabuto announced that he had a few other tricks up his sleeve and was about to learn the secrets of the Rikudō Sennin. With his increased strength, Kabuto began to transform some of his reanimated ninjas into thoughtless beings, except those whose individual emotions might prove useful. He only participated in the fighting when necessary, eventually having Gari and Pakura summon the previous Seven Shinobi Swordsmen of the Mists to help Akatsuki get the upper hand. But, much to Kabuto's shock, Zabuza Momochi was defeated despite his Kirigakure no Jutsu technique. Kabuto then had the second Tsuchikage, Mū, the fourth Kazekage, the second Mizukage, and the third Raikage summoned while most of his forces fought against the First Division.

After Tobi made special efforts to obtain the Ningu with the sealed Kingin Kyōdai, Kabuto suspected that he was trying to get the Kurama chakra that was within them. However, he realized that Tobi only had one of Gyūki's tails, so he couldn't figure out what he was really looking for. On the second day of the war, Kabuto was surprised that Naruto used his Kyūbi chakra to instantly defeat Toroi. However, he was happy about the chance to track down Naruto and Killer Bee before Tobi could find them. Kabuto sent Itachi after Uchiha and Nagato, hoping to use them as leverage against Tobi. But much to Kabuto's shock, Itachi summoned the crow he had hidden in Naruto to break Kabuto's control over him and attacked Nagato, who was sealed in the end.

Kabuto decided to advance the war and use Madara Uchiha. He also wiped out the Third Raikage's personality to distract the Fourth Division and made preparations for another attempt to capture Naruto. When he conjured Madara (with Mu as the medium), Kabuto informed the reanimated ninja of the state of affairs and that he knew he had survived his fight with Hashirama before sending him to fight the Fourth Division.

When Madara faced the five Kage, Kabuto was found by Itachi, whom he congratulated on being able to find him despite the Kekkai he had built. He reminded the former ANBU captain that he cannot stop Edo Tensei by killing him. Kabuto then sensed Sasuke, began to laugh crazy and said that he apparently has a lucky streak at the moment. Then he tried to get Sasuke on his side by playing with his former hatred of Itachi, but he chose to fight with his brother.

Kabuto pulled his hood up over his face and said he was shy of so many people staring at him before snake-attacking the two brothers. Although they were able to fight the snakes, Kabuto hid in one of his snakes and activated Sennin mode to fight the brothers. During the fight, Kabuto tried to play Sasuke off against Itachi and revealed that he had enriched his body with the cells of Jūgo in order to permanently activate the Sennin mode, but also with Suigetsu Hōzuki's ability to liquefy his body and with Karin's abilities.