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Garmin nüvi 255 WT (navigation)

For beginners with level

Wiebke Hellmann

Garmin's newest entry-level pilot, the nüvi 255 WT, has neither a wide display nor a traffic jam indicator. The navigation system is also not stingy with map data - it is not cheap for that.

Fast route calculations
Fast GPS fix
Distance interpolation in the event of GPS failure.
Vehicle software launch
Does not show any POIs on the map
No power cable for charging included, just a car charger cable
What it should be able to do, Garmin's entry-level model can do well to very well. The nüvi 255 WT, which currently costs around 250 euros, shines with a rapid GPS fix after a twelve-hour period of rest. The system was on track in just eight seconds. Many models in our GPS leaderboard require four to seven times as much time. The 255 WT also gets to work quickly in the event of incorrect trips and the calculations on our test routes. The route map from Munich to Hamburg was processed after just eleven seconds.
Our nüvi 255 WT mastered the navigation properly. In the event of a GPS failure in tunnels, it did not lose its orientation and kept an eye on traffic jams on the test course. It also provided the most important information for a good approach to the destination. The downside: POIs such as petrol stations are not shown on the sketch-like map. If you urgently need a gas pump, you have to search via the menu.
With the helpful driving instructions, we again liked the fact that this Garmin pilot also says which side of the street the destination address is on. However, the 255 WT is content to announce the destination acoustically with "Approach" about 40 meters before reaching it. "You have reached the goal", this announcement is saved. The additional announcement of street names does not understand either - which a beginner is just as forgiving as the lack of a lane assistant.
With extras, without a power cord
The large menu icons for comfortable finger operation are Garmin's specialty. Finding any settings does not pose unsolvable tasks for the user.
In addition to the navigation options, the 255 WT also offers extras such as a picture viewer and a calculator. Nice, but a USB data cable and a mains charging cable in the package make more sense for us. The accessories are missing here. The 255 WT can only be supplied with power via a car charging cable.
If you are looking for a reliable entry-level pilot with a wide display and also don't want to do without a traffic jam indicator, you can hardly avoid the Garmin nüvi 255 WT, but you have to dig deep into your pocket with currently 250 euros. For the price we would have at least wished for an additional power cord in the package.
The Becker Traffic Assist 7927 with a similar scope of delivery is already available for an average of 180 euros (as of July 21, 2008). A real bargain, even if the display is narrower and the pace of work is a bit slower than that of the Garmin nüvi 255 WT.
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