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understand, our course can be turned (oh) I'm inclined to believe that, sometimes to buy things off Want to experience more of us The what Smart give away
the desire for improvement still clever Argumentation but only resentment are the reason for the change. Limits are high, the main thing is that they are concerned
lots of bridges and they look incredibly good and they say clever Things and they talk about people But they have no conscience And we become them
Court interrogation (aha) 40K at Samsonite, rubbing hands like Mister Burns Look how I tactically clever Thinking with the precision of specialist surgeon's hands Gs
Run forward to dig the grave. Maybe he'll notice Smart and the stupid makes remarks And one of them can take it and the other runs off and
Pure adventure Cast off, drive ahead This is how we make the most of it I don't get up clever Proverbs Just don't do this or that to everyone
I guess I blew up a bit, and I cheated on her with myself Smart Words what afterwards, you know more and more
Poop in front of Blumio. Superstar. Young and Smart Hairless. The one who does something every week Smart says Check Rap da News, to Ekrem a big greeting Eko you are
the discotheque Smart Ghosts don't bother her. She loves music and likes light. I know exactly what she likes. The dance floor is her world
act, so don't be blind, man Deep times, there are evil images Because the clever Sheytan wants to prevent your luck So think and keep the two
Flower pots! Do you understand? Flower pots! The perfect investment for clever Heads! I buy them in the Uzbek market But leave them
no danger is up to the courage Make the most of it when they are mean Smart People also learn from their enemies. Whenever you say something you want
Lennon Also a weird spectacle spinner who shows that notes are tones An emergency exit for a clever Child and dreamers are
desperate because children are fighting like psychos here. (Yeah) I've never been to school to this day, never have anything Smart read, only know the school
The base of the skull cracks for one night, but lie awake motionless on the floor, fuck, I'm done. Maybe I have something this time Smart said or
Philosophy I drove past her without any worries, treasures I flew a little high, no lie And I cheated on her with myself Smart