Rothenberger rofrost instructions for playing

3rd 2nd stage - building a protective layer
b) The renovation device is then to be used against a DVGW-tested dosing device
Rinsing underfloor heating
For general information see 4.1
1. Disconnect the flow from the boiler
2. Drinking water protection (agitator separator) must be installed before
Compressor can be installed
3. Disconnect or close the return and the drain hose
attach. In addition, the hose is to have a sufficiently dimensioned drain
lead and fasten.
4. If the water pressure is low, flush the heating system strand by strand.
5. Scheme of a heating system
Connecting hoses
6. Press the "Rinse water + air" program key
To improve the cleaning and rinsing effect, you can also press the "Permanent
Air blast "can be operated. The flow rate is displayed when the shut-off valves are opened
and the blasts of air are brought into the pipeline network proportionally.
7. The flushing time per line must be at least 15 seconds per running meter to be flushed
After the flushing process, a DVGW-tested rehabilitation device must be used. The
Rehabilitation computer should be used for a period of approx. 3 months with a
food-grade solution (possibly in conjunction with an existing
Water softener) in order to achieve a faster protective layer formation
within the pipeline system.
Rust protection or against a soft water maker to protect against limescale and rust
to exchange. The protective layer is formed using built-in control pieces
checked regularly.
All draw-off points must be opened for 3 minutes at least twice a day.
This measure is absolutely necessary for the creation of a protective layer.

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