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The life of Kim Schmitz from Kiel sometimes seems like that of a main character in a thriller. In the 1990s he first made a name for himself as a hacker under the pseudonym “Kimble”. In the course of this activity he was sentenced in 1994 to a youth prison term of 2 years, among other things, for fraud and gang stealing. Later, the Kieler did controversial business, in which, for example, money was poured into keeping silent about discovered weak points in the systems of large companies. In 2002 the Munich District Court convicted him of insider trading after he had fled to Thailand and was later extradited to Germany.

In 2010 Schmitz, who called himself Kim Dotcom, moved to New Zealand. The FBI has had an arrest warrant against him since 2012 for alleged copyright infringement. Schmitz hired 13 lawyers from the USA, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Germany, who since then have been campaigning against his extradition and long prison sentence in the USA in a criminal ping-pong. So far, Kim Dotcom can still live in his adopted home New Zealand, but how much longer is unclear.