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Selling cigars: the business of enjoyment

Cigar and pipe smokers mostly enjoy tobacco for different reasons than cigarette smokers. This already illustrates the way in which the respective tobacco products are made and how much they cost. Many types of cigars are priced far too high for the majority of the population to buy to satisfy nicotine cravings alone. Most consumers smoke cigars for pleasure reasons, and many cigars are produced and presented and is correspondingly elaborate celebrates the smoking ritual. If you want to sell cigars successfully, you have to know this and be familiar with the world of aficionados. You can demonstrate your expertise, for example, by offering your customers extensive information about cigars and giving them dedicated advice on buying them. There is a lot to know about the individual cigar types, brands, series, formats and countries of origin, and we at Noblego would like to share this knowledge with you in our online shop. So you can easily get an idea of ​​which cigars you are interested in, and with our rating system you can also share your experiences with other customers after they have smoked.

1. How big is the market for cigars

2. Is it because of the price that fewer cigars are sold?

3. Who can sell cigars

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How big is the market for cigars?

Compared to cigarette sales, the cigar market is a niche market. There are many different brands of cigars and sub-brands from different countries, but the quantities produced and sold are well below those of cigarettes. This may have something to do with the many hand-rolled brands of cigars, but also with the size and duration of smoking the cigars, as well as the stated reason why they are mainly consumed. Here at Noblego alone, we offer you over 400 cigars and cigarilla brands and series from 17 different countries, and new brands are being added all the time!

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It is difficult to say how large the group of buyers is, but you can at least get an impression of how many cigars can be sold from the figures from the Federal Statistical Office.

Taxed tobacco products in Germany (in millions of pieces)
yearCigars & cigarillosCigarettes
Source: Federal Statistical Office: Sales of tobacco products (Fachserie 14 Reihe 9.1.1 - 2012) http://www.destatis.de/DE/Publikationen/Themati/FinanzenSteuern/Steuern/Verbrauchsteuer/AbsatzTabakJ.html

On average, more than 21 times as many cigarettes are sold today as cigars and cigarillos. If you look back a few years further, cigar consumption has increased again since the late 1990s. The cigar was rediscovered as a luxury item and has been celebrating a revival for several years thanks to young, creative brands, but also thanks to the reliable quality of popular traditional brands. In 2012, cigars and cigarillos were sold in Germany for a good 746 million euros - 1.4 percent more than in the previous year. Although the tax share has also risen, the fan base of the fine tobacco products seems to remain stable.

A brief summary of the question asked above: There is a small but fine market for cigars and cigarillos with a sales potential that should not be despised. Cigars are selling Compared to cigarettes, of course, not in such a big way - they are just a stimulant and less of an addictive substance. But if you really want to enjoy tobacco, treat yourself to it in the appropriate form.

Is it because of the price that fewer cigars are sold?

Of course, the mere comparison between cigarettes and cigars does not say much, because the two tobacco products differ in many ways. One smokes much longer on a cigar, even on a cigarillo, than on a cigarette. The duration of smoking is between 20 and 90 minutes or more, while a cigarette is usually finished in 5 minutes. And cigar smokers are a minority compared to cigarette smokers, who enjoy tobacco every now and then and not every day by the box. Because of this, fewer cigars are sold.

Most of the cigars that are preferred by connoisseurs cannot be counted as part of the cigar discount. For premium goods you pay significantly more due to the formats and the processing effort. But if you only look at that Average prices in cents per piece (2012), a cigar at 19.68 cents costs almost 5 cents less than a cigarette (24.40 cents). The tobacco tax is also lower (2012: 1.4 cents per cigar - 9.44 cents per cigarette). The low average unit price determined by the Federal Statistical Office is mainly due to the fact that the very inexpensive cigarillos and short filler cigars are being sold in large numbers. In contrast, the unit price for a large premium cigar such as the Cohiba Behike 56 can really go into the money. It is understandable that the enjoyment of such a cigar is a very special moment for most aficionados. Even those who are satisfied with cigars from the mid-range price range usually do not smoke them in chord, and certainly not to satisfy a craving for nicotine. So one can say: In addition to the other claim that is lived with cigar smoking, the price of a good cigar is another reason that fewer cigars are sold than cigarettes.

Inexpensive cigars for regular consumption:

Who can sell cigars?

Tobacco products are among the luxury goods on which a special consumption tax is levied (the tobacco tax). In Germany, their sale is subject to certain regulations, and there are statutory regulations governing who is allowed to sell cigars. Since the prices for tobacco products of the same brand and type cannot vary across Germany, the tax stamps on the packs are binding.

In return, as a customer, you should only go to those places that sell cigars according to the relevant specifications. This ensures that the specimens you have smoked have been taxed accordingly and are therefore legal and genuine. Premium brands from Cuba in particular are often counterfeited and offered at supposedly lower prices. What another one professional dealer speaks, is the condition of the cigars themselves: When you order from Noblego.de, you are guaranteed to get perfect goods. With us, the cigars are stored under the best conditions, with appropriate humidity in the walk-in humidor, so that you do not have to fear any loss of quality.

If you are thinking of simply bringing a few boxes with you from your vacation on the Cuban island and then reselling them, you should do your research in advance. No goods may be offered on platforms such as eBay that are against applicable trade laws of the USA and Europe. Because the United States' trade embargo has existed since 1959, Cuban cigars break the law on the platform. If you want to sell other cigars there, you can. But consider the appropriate taxation, otherwise you risk negative consequences.

As a buyer, you should be careful with private offers. In addition to the aspect of correct storage, there is also the problem of counterfeiting. Unfortunately, there are many imitation cigars in circulation from well-known brands that buyers believe to be genuine. At Noblego.de you can be sure that all copies are originals.

Safe shopping for cigars at Noblego.de

In the Noblego online shop you will find a large selection of cigars from the most famous manufacturers in the world. Of course, the tobaccos come from the classic growing regions such as Cuba, Nicaragua, Panama or the Dominican Republic. But we also sell products from Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and many other countries. The premium cigars are after high quality standards Made by hand, because only in this way can the tobacco leaves be optimally placed to ensure flavor development and appropriate draw. You can also get inexpensive short fillers and cigarillos for a little smoking pleasure at Noblego.de. There is something for every taste in our online shop. We are looking forward to your visit!

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