How to distill denatured alcohol

Distillation plant

The production plant of the Gualco distillery is discontinuous in the water bath "alla Piemontese".
In Italy there are only a few facilities like this left.
The Piedmont region, with a precise regulation (DGR January 22, 2001 \ n.39-2046), has determined that the distilled grappa, which is one of the Piedmontese agricultural and nutritional products, takes ninth place in category A, if it is distilled discontinuously and in a water bath. Around
To better understand the distillation method, there is an event called “open schnapps distillery” on the second Sunday in November in the Distilleria.
You can witness a grappa production here, you can ask Alessandro many questions and also taste the various products. With this discontinuous method, the master distiller loads a limited amount of pomace into the distillation container.
It receives a small amount of grappa, but with unique and easily distinguishable properties.
The "water bath" method, which all women are familiar with, has two advantages: This method avoids bad taste and burnt smell, and allows gradual evaporation. This gradual evaporation allows the wine-characteristic properties of the marc to be retained.
The Gualco still contains around 200 kilos of pomace, and in one hour you can make 10-15 liters of grappa (grade 55 \ 65).
The system is fuel-independent and the used pomace is used as the fuel itself.
At the Gualco distillery, all consumer protection standards are respected:

• The grappa is subjected to a rigorous qualitative analysis before it is sold.

• The varietal grappa (this grappa is distilled from only one type of grape) is made from selected marc

• As for the stored grappa, it is kept in wooden barrels and is supervised by the competent authority in the sealed storage room.
The barrels used by the Gualco family are made of French oak (cooper from Slavonia - 2500 \ 3000 liters) and mainly kegs (200 liters) made of summer oak, chestnut tree and acacia.