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This article deals with raiding villages by looters. For the zombie heist, see Zombie Siege.
Some illagers raid a village.

A Raid can be triggered by a player and consists of several groups of illagern and witches.

Appearance [edit]

Raids occur as soon as a player with the Bad Omen status effect enters a village. This effect disappears immediately and the boss bar appears. In the Peaceful difficulty level you keep the effect even if you are in a village.

This status effect is obtained by killing the pillager with the banner on his head, the robber chief. For commanders of a looter outpost, the level of the effect always increases by 1. For patrols that do not belong to an outpost, the status increases by 1 to 3 levels. As with any other status effect, this can also be deleted by drinking milk if the attack is not already active.

A raid can be ended manually by setting the game to Peaceful difficulty.

Boss bar [edit]

The current status of the raid is indicated by a red boss bar with the heading "Raid" at the top of the screen. At the beginning of each wave, it slowly charges up. Meanwhile, the bell is rung in the village, the villagers run into the houses and you cannot trade with them. When trying to trade with them, the villagers release particles of sweat.

When the boss bar is fully charged, the wave begins, or after surviving the last wave, victory is announced there.

During each wave, the boss track shows the life energy of the creatures belonging to the wave. When there are only one or two creatures left from a wave, it tells you how many are left before the wave ends.

The boss bar fills up again after each wave.

If creatures not spawned with the wave, such as independent illager patrols or even artificially spawned illusionists, but not naturally spawned witches, join the attack in the Java edition, these are also counted as part of the boss bar.

If the players move away from the village, the boss bar temporarily disappears for them until they move closer to the village again, even if the opponents can still be seen and possibly even fight against the players in question.

How it works [edit]

A raid takes place in several waves. With “Bad Omen” effect level I, there are three attack waves on “Easy” difficulty, five on “Normal” and seven on “Hard”. For each further level of the Bad omen-Effect (up to the maximum "Bad Omen VI") there is one additional wave in the strength of the last, regular wave.

If you enter a village with the Bad Omen effect, a white particle appears briefly on the player. Then the first wave begins.

At the beginning of each wave - when the boss bar is charged - a horn-like sound emits from the direction of one of the creatures belonging to the raid group, and a group of creatures spawns in that direction. Which creatures these are depends on the respective wave:

  1. ab An additional looter and / or servant can spawn in the “hard” difficulty level.
  2. ↑ Witches do not appear on Easy Difficulty. Unless they are engaged in a fight, they support other Illager with regeneration potions during the raid.

In waves 1-3 the servants hold wooden axes, in waves 4-5 stone axes. At waves 6 and 7 they hold iron axes, as they did in the forest.

Pests can be summoned by mages participating in the raid.

Illusionists do not normally appear in raids, even if they are illager, but can join if they are already nearby.

It is also possible to create more of the above-mentioned creatures via spawn egg, which then also take part in the raid[Just Java Edition]

Creatures: Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Wave 4 Wave 5 Wave 6 Wave 7
Devastating riding looters 11
Devastated riding magician 1

Note: In the Bedrock edition, the number of waves depends solely on the level of difficulty and not on the level of the "bad omen" effect. Therefore, there are only three waves of attack on the difficulty level "Easy", five on "Normal" and seven on "Hard", but no additional waves.

In the Java edition, the commander of a wave, if any, is always a servant. If the commander is killed and the illager banner drops with it, the remaining illager try to catch it and, if successful, become the new commander. In contrast to the normal case, when killing the commander in the village, the player does not get the “Bad Omen” status effect, unless the fight took place outside the radius of the attack; then, however, when entering the village, no new attack is triggered, but the existing one is continued.

In addition to the commander's banner and the regular drops of the respective creatures, there is a chance that they will drop additional items. The higher the level of the triggering "bad omen" effect, the higher the likelihood that equipment dropped by participating creatures will be enchanted. In the Bedrock edition, looters and servants also drop as participants in raids:

In addition, depending on the level of difficulty, they have a 65% (on "Easy" and "Normal") or 80% (on "Hard") probability of dropping the following items:


  • Iron equipment dropped by raid participants has a 50% chance of wearing a random enchantment.
  • Iron equipment dropped by attackers is badly damaged.
  • These probabilities are also affected by the pillage enchantment.
  • The emeralds can be dropped regularly from the Illager as well as during the raid.

A raid can end in two ways in the Java edition.

Java-exclusive: Either the attacked village is no longer recognized by the game as a valid village, i.e. all villagers in the village have died or all beds have been destroyed. In this case, the remaining magicians and servants throw up their arms, the remaining looters jump up and down, and everyone, even the devastator, makes triumphant sounds. The boss bar empties and then shows "Assault - Defeat" for 30 seconds.

Or all waves have been survived and the village successfully defended, then the boss bar empties and then shows "Raid - Victory" for 30 seconds, the villagers come outside and shoot fireworks while the raid boss bar is still there, and all players who have killed at least one illager during the waves of the raid receive the hero of the village effect and special offers from the surviving villagers. The “Hero of the Village” effect has the same level as the “Bad Omen” effect that triggered the raid.

Bedrock-exclusive: In the Bedrock edition, all players in the vicinity receive the "bad omen" effect again if they lose. However, if a villager child remains, the raid cannot be ended naturally, as the Illager cannot kill villager children or destroy beds.

Defense against a raid

A robbery shouldn't be underestimated, especially if you are playing on hard difficulty or in hardcore game mode. A hold-up can be triggered planned or unintentional. If you don't want to trigger an attack, but you have to go to a village, it is advisable to drink milk, as this removes the bad omen effect. If you have no milk, but only a bucket, you should look for cows outside the village. If you don't have a bucket, you have to go to the trouble of building a small interim store where you can melt iron ore into iron in order to make a bucket.

Preparation [edit]

Find / found a village

The first thing to do is found a village or look for one. The latter is quite easy in a normal world without changed world settings due to the frequency of villages. If you want to found your own village, this is associated with increased effort (two gold apples, two tossing potions of weakness, wait until two zombie villagers appear and prepare two beds in order to then convert the zombie villagers into villagers). The presence of workstation blocks or a bell is optional.

Build village fortifications [edit]

If you have founded a village or found one, you should first take care of the safety of the villagers who are present. This is especially true at night before zombies and zombie sieges. Either you fence / wall the village quickly and improve the lighting in the village or you build the villagers out of the reach of zombies and then take care of a reasonable village fortification. Another possibility is to create a ring of boats to stop the mobs and make it easier to be able to kill. This happens because the mobs run into the boats and get stuck in them and can no longer move.

When fortifying the village, care should be taken not to erect the village fence / wall too far from the village center, otherwise a wave may appear in the village within the fence / wall during a later attack.

Increase villagers

If a village consists of only a few villagers (even if a village was founded by two healed zombie villagers), one should take care to have enough villagers in the village. Therefore, fields should be built with at least two composters, or the villagers should be fed manually. Since food alone does not induce the villagers to multiply, additional beds should be provided.

There is the possibility of putting armor on villagers using throwers. In the event of an attack or a zombie siege, this measure increases the villagers' chances of survival a little.

How many villagers a village should have at least is up to each player to decide for himself. It is recommended, however, at least. To have 16 villagers in the village.

Golems as additional defenders [edit]

If there are enough villagers in the village, iron golems will appear on their own. A bell increases the likelihood that an iron golem will appear, as all the villagers gather at the bell in the afternoon and spread their gossip, also known as "golem", more quickly. If enough villagers have "golem" gossip, an iron golem will appear nearby.

It is advisable not to build the floors too high, otherwise an iron golem may appear in a house and thus not be able to help defend the village. This is especially important for houses that are close to the bell.

Optionally, the iron golems can be tied to the village entrance gates with leashes in order to intercept zombies and illager directly at the village entrance.

Snow golems can only distract / occupy the Illager. However, since they are very "cheap" to produce, they should still be considered as an option if the biome allows this. If you place them in the middle of a 3x3 square of fences on a pedestal 2 blocks high, only witches and magicians can harm them.

Houses with basements or several floors [edit]

Anyone who plays in hard difficulty or in hardcore mode should not underestimate the magicians with the pests that appear in the last waves of an attack. Pests can fly through blocks and attack villagers as well. Anyone who has not taken this into account must expect that even if one is very well equipped, high villager losses will occur in the village during an attack. Players who trade intensively with villagers and have valuable trade offers for players must bear in mind that these villagers could be killed in a robbery.

It is therefore advisable to build a bunker in the village that extends very deep into the ground, or to build one or more high-rise buildings. Afterwards, the workplace blocks, beds and bells of the villagers may have to be relocated. In the normal daily routine, however, this can cause difficulties for villagers, as they may no longer be able to reach the beds and workstation blocks because the AI ​​cannot find a way to the workstation blocks, beds and bells even though they can be reached.

For the height of the high-rise / bunker depth, you should ensure that the villagers are not in the detection range of pests during a later attack. How low / how high is up to each player to decide for himself. However, a distance of at least 16 blocks from the later planned / intended combat area / streets / ground level is recommended.

Bring important villagers to safety

Players who have villagers with valuable trade offers, such as B. Librarians with enchanted books (repair) should either position the villagers very well protected in the village, inaccessible to illagers and pests, or bring the villagers out of the village with increased effort, e.g. B. to another village or to an intermediate post. If the village is near a river / ocean, important villagers can be put on boats and then removed from the village.

In oceans you have to expect drowned people, but they can only appear when the player is nearby. In the case of rivers, you have to reckon with the fact that the distance to the village is insufficient and that a raid wave that happens to appear nearby will discover and kill the villagers. However, it is much more likely that zombies will find and kill the villagers at night. Depending on the local conditions, the villagers should be protected by setting up a fortified small intermediate post.

Village entrance gates and traps

Optionally, you can set up trap systems outside the village or at the village entrances. But it is also sufficient to have a possibility to completely block the entrance to the village. Either you build blocks in front of the village entrance during the attack or you build a gate system beforehand.

To make it easier for the defense later, it is advisable to build spider webs, sweetberry bushes, trenches, lava basins, gullies outside the village.

Those who like to fight with long-range weapons such as bows and crossbows can also build their own watchtower in the village, with which they can overlook the area around the whole village. Smaller towers with internal ladders are also recommended because the attackers cannot climb them. They completely protect against servants and devastators, additional "battlements" made of blocks also halfway against the shots of looters. Only pests can continue to attack unhindered. Since you practically avoid close combat completely, a large number of arrows and an enchanted ranged weapon are recommended.

Own equipment [edit]

It is possible to defeat an attack without armor and with the simplest of weapons. However, this is extremely difficult and then usually associated with high villager losses. For those who can fight very well, complete iron armor (possibly enchanted), a shield, an enchanted iron sword, iron ax and a bow / crossbow are sufficient. In addition, you should have enough food, blocks and, if necessary, potions, such as speed and strength, ready. For players who are not very good at fighting, it is advisable to first wear a complete diamond armor (possibly enchanted), a shield, an enchanted diamond sword, a diamond ax, an enchanted bow, several crossbows (possibly enchanted), To have golden apples and potions, such as speed, strength and regeneration, ready. Not to be forgotten are enough arrows, at least one stack (64). Anyone who uses a bow and one or more crossbows and plays in difficulty should have at least two stacks (2x 64) of arrows at hand.

Defend raid

The first waves

At the beginning of a raid, the first three waves are still quite feasible to defend.Those who are good at fighting can defeat the first waves in close combat with sword, ax and shield. From the third / fourth wave onwards, long-range combat with a bow, crossbow and, if available, a trident should also slowly flow into the defense.

Servant [edit]

Servants fight with iron axes in close combat against the player. However, if you play in hard difficulty or in hardcore mode, you should not underestimate the damage it causes. This is difficult 19 (), which by iron or diamond armor to about 15 () is reduced. Despite the armor, the damage caused by a hit by the servant is devastating. In addition, they move very quickly, and the AI ​​can guide the servant on combat paths, where he turns or no longer runs directly towards the player. A single servant is easy to defeat with a sword and shield. In general, you should separate the attackers during an attack and kill them one by one. If several servants and looters attack the player, killing a servant is made more difficult. If you are also short of life (less than 12 ()), you can use spider webs, water buckets, lava buckets or just a lighter to weaken the attacker further by setting your escape route on fire. A small one-block tower or the escape into a house give you time to regenerate.

Demolisher [edit]

When Devastators spawn in a wave, don't underestimate the Devastator damage. This is difficult 18 (), which by iron armor or diamond armor to about 14 () is reduced. Despite the armor, the damage caused by a devastator is devastating. The damage can be blocked with a shield, and the Demolisher then freezes for 3 seconds and can no longer attack, but after that the Demolisher is temporarily stronger and faster. In addition, looters, servants, magicians (in the last waves) or even other devastators (in the last waves) can participate in the fight against the player, which makes killing a devastator much more difficult.

The last waves

More looters and servants appear in the final waves. But now one or more devastators, witches and magicians also appear.

Witches support the Illager in attacking them by throwing potions with z. B. Throw speed and strength. This makes servants much more dangerous in Difficulty difficulty. Witches themselves attack the player with throwing potions, slowness, weakness, poisoning and direct damage. Therefore, one should have a milk bucket on hand during an attack and, if possible, quick access to cows. Poisoning in particular can quickly bring the player into a critical area, and the player inevitably has to move away from the battle to regenerate.

It is advisable to kill the witches in ranged combat, if possible at the beginning of a new wave.

In the final waves, raiders, servants and magicians mount the devastators. This makes combat difficult and it is best to move into long-range combat in the last few waves in general.

Magicians and pests [edit]

In the 5th wave a magician appears for the first time, in the following waves several magicians. Mages will use their fangs spell against the player and the villagers, sometimes even when the player is hiding behind a block wall. However, the pests are much more dangerous. The pests can fly through blocks and their damage if hit is not insignificant. This is difficult 13 (), which by iron or diamond armor to about 9 () is reduced. The attack of a single pest can be defended moderately by blocking with a shield. This is made more difficult because the pests for close combat are mostly unreachable high above the player. They also fly very quickly towards the player when they attack. It becomes much more dangerous and difficult when several pests attack the player at once. A complete blocking of all pest attacks is then hardly possible and damage is preprogrammed. In such cases, throwing potions of Direct Healing (II), regeneration potions and fast filling food, e.g. B. steaks, have ready. With the help of a bow or a crossbow you can, with luck, shoot down the pests before they attack the player.

Otherwise, the only option is to wait until the pests die. Pests automatically receive continuous damage approx. 3 minutes after being summoned.

If you are already running out of life, you should plan to flee from the pests and any other attacking ill camps. It should be noted that you are not in an enclosed space, such as B. a house. Here you are safe from the attacking Illager, but the pests can attack through the walls. In addition, you block your view of the attackers if you have not withdrawn into a glass house. Nevertheless, the situation with pests remains very dangerous and the opportunity to regenerate is prevented; unless you dig your own grave even here.

Progress [edit]

symbol progress description predecessor task Data value
Voluntary exile
Kill a robber chief May consider staying out of villages for the time being ... adventureKill a looter wearing an ominous banner on his head.
Village hero
Successfully defend a village from a raid Voluntary exile

Achievements [edit]

Gallery [edit]

  • A villager sweating in the big house in the village instead of acting during a robbery.

  • A devastator raids a village and attacks an iron golem.

  • A group of looters raiding a village.

  • A servant raising his arms during the raid defeat.

History [edit]

Version history of the Java Edition
Full version 1.14
  • There are now two waves per Bad omen-Step.
  • Players must now finish one wave before the next begins.
  • The boss bar now slowly fills up again when a raid begins or a wave has been overcome and the next begins
  • Illager patrol commanders now give 1 to 3 levels of the Bad omenEffect when they are killed. Outpost commanders only give one level at a time.
  • Illager commanders can now spawn at outposts.
  • Devastators can now spawn from the second wave, witches from the fourth, and mages from the tenth.