Who plays Gru mother of Hoodwinked

by Kirsten Penkalla

An unsuccessful villain trying to steal the moon; three girls who want a dad. Thousands of little yellow minions, a hard of hearing inventor and a nerdy villain. But Despicable Me is not just the story of stealing the moon, but a story of good and evil and the importance of family. And unicorns.


The villain Gru wants to commit the crime of the century and steal the moon. Unfortunately, he doesn't have enough money, so he applies for a loan from the Bank of Evil. The bank director's son, Viktor - called Vector - happens to be his biggest competitor. But in order to be able to steal the moon, it must first get smaller. For this, Gru needs the heat shrink heater, which is in the Vector house. Since he has a preference for biscuits, Gru adopts three girls from the orphanage, Margo, Agnes and Edith. The three are said to sell Vector spy robots disguised as biscuits. At first, Gru only sees the girls as a burden and a means to an end, but gradually the planned moon theft fades into the background and Gru becomes a father to the girls. But at a ballet performance, Vector kidnaps the children and Gru has to decide: the moon or the girls.

Distributor: Universal Pictures


Despicable Me plays mainly with the motif of good and bad. Actually Gru is a villain, a villain, the incarnation of evil. His house is peppered with medieval-style torture tools. He even has a stereotypical Russian accent. Gru employs the mad scientist Doctor Nefario and henchmen, the Minions. Not to be forgotten is his dog Kyle, who looks like a cross between a dog and a frogfish. All of this creates the appearance of a real villain with a mutated pet, sadistic disposition and evil plans. But in Gru's case there are small problems: The Minions are small, cute, yellow diodes that look just too cute in their overalls and huge glasses, have nothing on their minds but bananas and pranks and are far too clumsy for secret villain plans . Doctor Nefario, who helps Gru to put his 'bad' plans into practice, is hard of hearing and therefore invents a lot of useless things. Instead of cookie robots, he is developing boogie robots. Gru is afraid of Kyle. He's not a successful villain either: He did manage to steal the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty once - but those were only models from Las Vegas.

Vector, on the other hand, initially appears like the nerd next door. He looks innocent and harmless, he impresses with an orange tracksuit, pot cut, nerd glasses, puristic-modern white and orange furnishings including a shark in the living room, a preference for cookies and crazy firearms. For example, he's especially proud of his squid cannon. But it quickly becomes clear that Vector is much more cunning than it looks at first glance.

As different as Gru and Vektor appear, they have one thing in common: they were underestimated by their parents all their lives. So they both embarked on rogue careers to convince their parents otherwise. Vector fails in the end to show his father that he is a real bad guy. Gru, on the other hand, is gradually learning from Margo, Edith and Agnes what makes a family. In the end, Gru reconciles with his mother, who is finally proud of her son.

The animated film from the makers of Horton hears a who! and Ice Age impresses with its unique style. The proportions are not very realistic, for example the children's heads are gigantic in relation to their bodies and Gru looks like a block of wood on two chopsticks. But that's exactly why the film seems childlike and innocent. You would love to take every single figure in your arms and cuddle. Despicable Me is therefore particularly nice to look at for children.

But adults also get their money's worth. This is mainly due to references to reality. For example, the Bank of Evil was formerly owned by the Lehman Brothers. So overall, the film is a wonderful example of family entertainment.

Distributor: Universal Pictures


Despicable Me is a wonderful animated film for all ages. who Ice Age knows and loves, will like this movie too. But it is not a firework of laughter like comparable films, in which one gag follows the next. The focus is much more on the underlying development of a special kind of family. And that is exactly what makes it a wonderful film that should not be missing on any family TV evening.

Original title:Despicable Me
Production country:United States
Year of production:2010
Duration:95 minutes
Age rating:Without age restriction
Release date (Germany):30.09.2010
Rental:Universal Pictures
Box office earnings worldwide:543.113.985 $
Director:Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud
Script:Ken Daurio, Sergio Pablos
Heitor Pereira, Pharrell Williams
Voice actor:Steve Carell / Oliver Rohrbeck (Gru), Jason Segel / Jan Delay (Vector), Russel Brand / Peter Groeger (Dr. Nefario), Julie Andrews / Kerstin Sanders-Dornseif (Gru's Mom), Will Arnett / Axel Lutter (Mr. Perkins ), Kristen Wiig / Nana Spier (Miss Hattie), Miranda Cosgrove / Friedel Morgenstern (Margo), Dana Gaier / Derya Flechtner (Edith), Elsie Kate Fisher / Sarah Kunze (Agnes), Pierre Coffin (Minions: Tim, Bob, Mark , Phil, Stuart), Ken Jeong / Claus Kleber (news anchor)
Gregory Perler, Pam Ziegenhagen
Producer:John Cohen, Janet Healy, Chris Meledandri

First published: October 9th, 2012