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Mostly Bden being very generous with helping you get off, but he gets his too. Occasional fluff, plot.
Oneshots. Miniseries: A cunnilingus focused fic w facesitting, multiple orgasms till you can't handle anymore, him coming in his pants, outercourse, fellatio, masturbating in front of him, dirty talk (nothing degrading), etc. A college au where a gay ? Bden turns out to be bi, is very talented with his hands and very sweet and awkwardly dirty with his words (& likely mouth in future). He also comes in his pants in this one: P. A threesome w Ryan is likely. 3rd, by request for a heavy, curvy woc reader: you break it off with your boyfriend, find Pretty. Odd era Bden breaking up with his girlfriend when she realizes he's bi. You split with him to get high on pot in his hotel room, get lots of oral sex and orgasms after a nice tease. Bden manages to get his pants undone this time. A polyamorous relationship w / B & Josh Dun w / lots of oral sex, manual sex, riding B's ass. You, Sarah n 2 women taking turns with B, focused on cunnilingus. Celebrating his bday w oral, piv, outercourse, toys etc

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