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Thomas Hunter

Curriculum vitae

  • Since 1999 Professor at Cologne University and Chair of “Chair for International Relations and Foreign Policy”
  • Editor of “Journal for International Politics and Foreign Policy” (ZfAS)
  • 1995 Habilitation at Marburg University in Political Science
  • 1990 Doctorrate (Dr. phil.) At Marburg University (Topic of Dissertation: Central Europe as an alternative?)
  • 1981 - 1986 Studies in Political Science, Philosophy, Sociology and History at Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitaet (Frankfurt a. M.), Otto-Friedrich-Universitaet (Bamberg), Philipps-Universitaet (Marburg)

Selected publications


  • (Ed.): The world after 9/11. Effects of terrorism on the world of states and society, Wiesbaden, 2012, VS-Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, 1009 pages.
  • (with Alexander Höse and Kai Oppermann) (Ed.): German foreign policy. Security, welfare, institutions and norms, 2nd, updated and expanded edition, Wiesbaden: VS Verlag, 2011.
  • (with Anna Daun): Secret Services in Europe. Transformation, cooperation and control, Wiesbaden: VS Verlag 2009.


  • The importance of transatlantic relations for German foreign policy, in: Reinhard Meier-Walser / Alexander Wolf (ed.): The foreign policy of the Federal Republic of Germany. Claim, Reality, Perspectives, Reports & Studies, Vol. 95, Munich, 2012, pp. 149-160.
  • (with Kai Oppermann, Alexander Höse, Henrike Viehrig): The cognitive dimension of parliamentary influence: trends in the salience of foreign affairs issues in the German Bundestag, 2005-10, in: Kai Oppermann / Henrike Viehrig (Ed.): Issue Salience iun International Politics, New York 2011, pp.191-209.
  • Berlin-Washington: Nucleus of a common Euro-Atlantic strategy, in: Reinhard C. Meier-Walser (Ed.): The foreign policy of the USA. President Obama's new course and the future of transatlantic relations, reports and studies, Vol. 89, Munich: Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung 2009, pp.320-333.
  • Mars meets Venus: world governance from an American and a European perspective. A Contemplation of US Foreign Policy During the George W. Bush Presidency, in: Reader Security Policy. Transformation in the 21st Century, September 2008, pp.1-17.
  • Order, Threat Identity: Basics of Foreign Policy Strategies, in: Thomas Jäger, Alexander Höse and Kai Oppermann (Eds.): The security strategies of Europe and the USA. Transatlantic Drafts for a World Order Policy, Baden-Baden, 2005, 9-26.

Selected media publications

  • FocusOnline July 26, 2019: Special investigator Mueller in front of the congress: He disappoints both sides with statements (Link)
  • FocusOnline May 21, 2019: Trump Turns The Juice Off Huawei: Is This A Modern Form Of Declaration Of War? (Link)
  • DW Deutsche Welle May 17, 2019: US Foreign Policy: How Powerful is John Bolton? (Link)
  • Bild.de, October 1, 2018: Trump lets FBI investigate his desired judge (Link)