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Beef - the individual pieces of meat and their uses

Beef overview

Beef is not just beef, as with other types of meat, one differentiates between the individual pieces of meat. Depending on the part from which the piece of meat is taken, it has a characteristic texture in terms of fat content, fiber quality and size or shape. Not all cuts of beef require the same type of preparation. A distinction is made between pieces of meat for quick frying, roasting, braising and grilling.

Depending on the position of the piece of meat, beef has a different structure of the meat fibers. Heavily stressed muscles tend to have coarse fibers and are suitable for preparation as roast, braised meat or goulash, less stressed parts such as. the back or the inside of the legs can be prepared as a pan-fried steak.

Editor's tip: Here you will find everything you need to know about properly preparing beef! Which piece of beef do you use for which roast? How do I get the perfect steak 100%? What core temperature should which roast beef have and which side dish goes with the beef?

Basically applies (per person):

200-250 g of meat

The most important preparation tips & tricks at a glance:

Pan-fried: All types of steak are called pan-fried. The fillet, the loin (the back), but also steaks from the leg or boiled beef are suitable for quick roasting, because their meat is short-grained and lean enough.

Braised meat: Roast beef, goulash and slices of leg are the most popular cuts of braised beef. Depending on the piece of meat, you should calculate 2-3 hours as the cooking time so that the meat becomes nice and tender. Braising is always done at a low temperature, otherwise the meat fibers will contract and become tough.

Classic roast beef from the oven: for this roast we recommend a piece from the thick shoulder or from the leg, because the meat is exactly the right mix of lean, mixed, medium-fiber and muscular. Here, too, it is important that you do not select excessively high temperatures for cooking, otherwise the fibers of the meat will pull together and the roast will be tough. Our low-temperature roast beef is a recipe that always works!

1 beef cheek

The beef cheeks are a very special piece of beef. The powerful chewing muscle of the grass eater is heavily permeated by tendons, fat and connective tissue. This is why the cheeks have to cook for several hours, because long braising is the only way to convert tendons, fat and connective tissue to gelatine, giving the meat its incomparably melt-in-the-mouth consistency and strong aroma.

2 neck, throat

The nape and throat are commonly referred to as a comb. The strong, streaky muscle meat is suitable for cooking and braising, but it is also suitable for grilling when the heat is not too high or for smoking. The further the neck steak is cut from the piece in the direction of the high rib, the finer marbled and less overgrown it is.

3 chest

The beef brisket is divided into 3 parts. The narrow nipple lies in front. This is followed by the mid-breast, also called the core of the breast, and then the thin but wide secondary breast (10).
The meat of the tip of the breast and the mid-breast is very streaky and has a thick layer of fat, which makes its taste correspondingly strong. The high fat content makes both pieces excellent salted meat. Cured beef brisket is the best basis for strong broths and soups and is particularly good in stews. It is also used for corned beef and labskaus.

4 High rib, high back

The juicy meat of the high rib is perfect for roasting, braising and cooking. It is an ideal piece for sauerbraten, hearty stew or goulash dishes. The meat is fine-grained and nicely marbled. If you want a juicy grill steak with an aromatic fat content, you will find the best pieces here. From the prime rib, the piece that lies in front of the roast beef, Cote du Boeuf, in German the chop, is cut.

5 back

The back consists mainly of 3 pieces. First comes the piece of rib, the so-called entrecote, which is placed in front of the roast beef, and on the back of the back is the loin, which reaches up to the waist. The entrecote is the most streaky and requires time and calm to prepare. The roast beef in the middle still has a fat content of around 10%, but compared to the entrecote it has much finer fat veins. Both pieces become tender and juicy if they are prepared correctly. The sirloin is significantly leaner at 3-5% and is suitable for roasting whole or sliced ​​as a steak from the pan.
Meat specialties such as T-bone steak, rump steak, sirloin or porterhouse steak are prepared from the back and hips.

6 fillet

The fillet is the most valuable part of the beef, at least when it comes to price. Its taste is full-bodied and it has almost no fat. Its preparation options range from pan-fried steaks to fine fillet roast, which is cooked whole in the oven at a low temperature. The well-known Chateaubriand and beard-roasted touring ends are prepared from its thick center piece. Fillet mignons are cut from the thin part of the center piece, while the fillet tip and fillet head are perfect for beef stroganoff or as meat for fondue.

7 hips

The hip, also called the flower, comes just after the back of the loin. At the end of the hip, on part of the tail, is the classic boiled beef. The hip is often cut into hip steak, rump steak and sirloin steak, but it can also be prepared whole as a roast beef.

8 club

The front part of the club bears the beautiful nickname ball, while the large rear part of the club is divided into upper and lower shells. Real rump steak, roast and braised beef are prepared from the front, finely marbled and fine-grained piece. As a pan-fried, there is a nice sliced ​​meat and it is particularly suitable as a sauerbraten. The upper shell is considered a buttery piece that is ideal for roulades, beef steak, for braising and roasting. The meat is also a pleasure on the grill. The bottom shell is not quite as fine-grained as the top shell, but is also used for roulades, braised beef, goulash and ragout.

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9 tension rib, thinning, abdominal flap

This part of the beef is a particularly good basis for hearty beef soups, cooked meat and stews. Broths and stocks get a particularly good aroma when cooked with this meat.

10 breasts

The after-chest is the extension of the core of the chest and is located between and behind the forelegs. It is an ideal roll roast that is especially easy to fill. Stuffed beef brisket is a specialty that also tastes delicious when cut cold. Grill professionals call the brisket beef brisket and prefer to prepare the well-marinated piece of meat in the smoker. The closed lid and the low temperatures of approx. 110 degrees are perfect as a cooking method for this piece of meat.

11 cross rib

The cross rib is not one of the premium pieces. It is suitable as cooked meat and soup meat or for stews and hearty goulash.

12 shoulder

The shoulder is an excellent braised meat, which, thanks to its delicate fibers, is just as suitable for roast beef as it is for roulades and fine goulash. The classic Boeuf Bourguignon is also cut from this piece.

13 leg meat

The meat of the legs is heavily streaked with tendons and therefore needs a sufficiently long cooking time. The Italians prepare their traditional Osso Bucco from the leg slices. Chopped up and detached from the bone, the meat of the leg slices is particularly suitable for hearty goulash and ragout. The bones can be perfectly boiled down to make broth and stock.

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