How To Make Fireball Jutsu Hand Signs

Finger sign

Finger sign (印, In)(English Seals) are based on the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. Each sign of the zodiac represents a specific type of animal, each with its own purpose, energy, type and quality. Finger signs are commonly used in Nin-Jutsu and Gen-Jutsu. Combined finger signs with chakra allow the shinobi to perform a jutsu. As a rule, they are always performed with both hands, but Haku is the only character in the manga canon so far who can also perform them with one hand. By losing one of her arms, Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto are Uzumaki[1] after some time also able to form finger marks with just one hand.

The twelve finger signs

rat (子, No)
"Rat" is required for the shadow manipulation of the Nara clan
tiger (寅, Torah)
"Tiger" is used in many Katon jutsus
Snake (巳, Wed)
"Snake" is used in many Doton and Suiton jutsus
sheep (未, Hitsuji)
"Sheep" is used in many E-rank jutsus
Hare (卯,)
"Rabbit" is used in many raiton jutsus

Special finger marks

Individual evidence