How to unlock the education filter on Youtube

How to Unlock Any Youtube Video

Christian Löbering

The website GEMA Versus Youtubes Top 1000 ( monitors which of the top 1000 music videos are blocked in Germany. At the time of going to press, it was a staggering 61.5 percent.

EnlargeWith the browser extension Youtube Unblocker you can unlock blocked videos.

In other European countries such as France or Austria, according to the site, only one percent is affected. But you can also easily get full access to YouTube in Germany. The Youtube Unblocker extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera detects blocked videos and then unblocks them.

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How to unlock: To install Youtube Unblocker, open, then click on "Download" under the name of your browser. Then call up the downloaded file with your browser and follow the instructions. You have to restart Firefox after the installation.

EnlargeWith the extension Youtube Unblocker, which is active immediately after installation, you can remove all blocks on Youtube and watch any video.

If you are using Chrome version 21 and upwards, the following exception rule applies: Here you have to click the download link with the right mouse button and select "Save link as" so that you can save the CRX file on your computer. Then open the menu in Chrome and click on "Tools ➞ Extensions". Now simply drag the downloaded CRX file into this window and click “Add” when prompted. After installing the Youtube Unblocker, the application is active immediately. As soon as you then open a blocked YouTube video, it will be automatically unblocked for this reason.