Kinesio Tape kneecap pain when kneeling

Instructions for using kinesiology tape for non-specific knee pain

Kinesiology tape - application technique for knee pain

This application technique is used for general knee pain that cannot be localized, but is in the knee area. For this tape system you need four tape strips in the form of an I. For this you can either use our Kintex Classic tape and cut the strip yourself or you can use our Kintex PreCut and tear the tape strip accordingly. When cutting, make sure that the corners are rounded, this increases the durability.

Preparing and applying the Kintex kinesiology tape

Prepare the tapes for the general knee pain accordingly and clean the skin in the area where the tape is to be applied. The skin should be free of oils, creams, and hair. Cleaning with alcohol will make the tape stick better and longer to the skin.

Put the knee at about 80 °, tear the release paper in the middle and peel off the release paper. Apply the first tape with maximum tension around the kneecap - starting on the inside - and make sure that the ends are glued without tension. Repeat this process with a second tape on the outside of the knee, again with maximum tension around the kneecap. Both tapes should not run over but next to the kneecap in order to regulate the knee pain.

Proceed in the same way with the third and fourth tape strips, whereby the tape strips one and three as well as two and four are affixed with a slight overlap. Spread out all the tapes on the knee well, this will activate the adhesive.

Extend your knee for control. Waves or small folds of skin should form on the kneecap, then the system is properly applied to relieve knee pain.

Notes on Using Kintex Kinesiology Tape

The Kintex tape should remain in place for about 1 week, with the main effect expected in the first 3-5 days after application. You can shower, bathe, swim or do sports with the system. Even sweating is possible under the tape.

DANGER: Please note that our articles and this video cannot replace the contacts to doctors and physiotherapists that may be required. Our products are not suitable to replace professional advice, examinations, treatments, diagnoses, etc. by specialists, but only to support.

If you feel itching under the tape system, remove the tape bypassing it and, if in doubt, consult a doctor or pharmacist.

NOTE: The effect of the kinesiology tapes has not been scientifically proven, our statements are based on our years of experience.