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Medicinal mushrooms against age spots

Medicinal mushrooms, such as Reishi, according to traditional Chinese medicine, can also be used to treat age spots. Reishi in particular is considered THE anti-aging mushroom par excellence. Among other things, it improves blood flow and thus ensures that the skin can be better supplied with nutrients and antioxidants. It also supports the repair processes of sun-damaged skin and makes age spots appear pale.

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Natural remedies for external use on age spots

Of course there are also a number of naturopathic remedies that - applied externally - can make age spots disappear. However, scientific evidence is often still pending, so that one usually has to refer to experience reports from those affected.

However, fruit and acetic acids have been proven to help, which is why lemon juice or apple cider vinegar are among the most popular home remedies for age spots. Apple cider vinegar is applied to the age spots undiluted and at least twice a day with a cotton swab. The first successes can be seen after at least three weeks.

The effect of apple cider vinegar can be enhanced with onion juice (1: 1). This mixture can be applied once or twice a day for at least six weeks. According to a study from 2011, applying 10 percent ascorbic acid (vitamin C) twice a day for three months should also be promising.

Castor oil & potato juice to remove age spots

Another natural remedy for age spots is castor oil. Soak a small cotton ball with the oil and use it to dab the affected areas of skin twice a day after cleansing your face. Allow the oil to soak in and apply the usual skin care product after 10 minutes at the earliest.

Patience is important here. But the spots often disappear after a few months. Potato juice is another tip from folk medicine. You should notice the fading of the age spots after just two weeks if freshly squeezed potato juice is massaged into the spots.

Natural remedies for age spots: combinations work best

So there are very simple remedies for age spots. If you use them, the unloved discoloration can slowly fade with a little patience - without having to see a therapist. Of course, combinations of the measures described above are also possible.

For example, you can first apply the apple cider vinegar, wash it off after a half-hour exposure time, then massage in the castor oil and also take antioxidants internally. The probability that you will be successful with such combined remedies against age spots is significantly higher than with the use of just one of the measures mentioned.

We wish you much success!

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