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Previous generations

At My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the fourth generation of the My Little Pony saga. In order to understand the differences and similarities between the previous series and the current one, they are listed here.

First generation 1984 Edit source]

My Little Pony (Dream Valley) Edit source]

This series was based on Hasbro's first MLP toys and was, so to speak, the foundation of the

Success. There was also a special called Rescue from Midnight Castle. Here the ponies live in a dimension of their own, in which they are sometimes visited by people who particularly like them. There are earth ponies, unicorn ponies, pegasus ponies and also water ponies that have similarities with seahorses. In one episode the ponies even meet a normal pony in the human world, who cannot speak but only neigh. Not only Applejack (in German still Apfelb├Ąckchen), Spike, Tirek and the Smooze had their first appearance in this series; there were also predecessors for Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie with Firefly (in German fire spark) and Surprise (in German hashmich). The series was part of the broadcast My Little Pony and Friends.

My Little Pony Tales Edit source]

Although friendships and problems also play a role in this series (as in the current one), the makers of MLP: FIM oriented themselves more towards the environment, which has been significantly modernized compared to the previous series. Now the ponies live in a city, go to school, go to beauty salons and hold competitions. Although the main roles played mainly female ponies (Starlight, Sweetheart, Melody, Bright Eyes, Patch, Clover and Bon Bon), there were also male ponies. Unicorn ponies did not exist in this series, however, and pegasus ponies (one of which wore a horn) only appeared in one episode, although most believed them to be delusional. Buses and telephones were not taken over from this series in the current one.

Third generation 2003 Edit source]

My Little Pony (Ponyville) [edit | Edit source]

The third generation was published under this title, in which MLP: FIM features can already be clearly recognized

were. Here the ponies first inhabited a village called Ponyville, but the main characters gradually developed. After Pinkie Pie first appeared as a supporting character in Die Prinzessinnen-Pomenade, she gradually developed into the main character. Her friends Scootaloo, Toola Roola, Rainbow Dash, Sweetie Belle, Cheerilee and Starsong also became increasingly popular with viewers. These were presented in more detail in small short films with the title Meet the Ponys, with Pinkie's preference for parties being shown for the first time.

Generation 3.5 Edit source]

This is the third generation, whereby the drawing style has been simplified and presented in a more childlike way. There was a 70-minute special My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish Adventure and some short films.

Baby ponies Edit source]

When baby dolls were getting quite the demand, Hasbro decided to go with it

to try the ponies. So they made the third generation ponies into babies and also released some short films. If the babies moved their lips in the beginning, later it looked as if they were just thinking out loud. However, only ponies were shown in these films, which later made it in MLP: FIM, although toys of the others also existed.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

Due to the lack of popularity, no cartoons were produced by the second MLP generation. The third generation and the current one have a similar opening credits. So they both start with a hot air balloon that lands in Ponyville. Back then, however, Pinkie Pie was in the balloon; today it's Twilight Sparkle and Spike. Both opening credits also end with a photo of the main actors.

Firefly was the favorite pony of the current generation's inventor, Lauren Faust. However, since she was not given permission to use it, she merged Firefly with Rainbow Dash, so to speak, and the current Rainbow Dash was created. In the third generation, Rainbow Dash once said she couldn't imagine ponies flying. Curiously, she's a flying pony herself in the current season.

The G3 special Pony Princesses also featured breezies (called butterfly baby ponies in German), two of which, named Hoppsasa and Trallalla, are very reminiscent of the current Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie in terms of color. The Breezies themselves also come later It Ain't Easy Being Breezies in front.