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Biological classification

Physical characteristics

Sociocultural characteristics

Togrutas were a sentient humanoid species, characterized by their colorful skin tones, large montrals, head tails, and white facial pigments. They hailed from the planetShili, in the Expansion Region. Although Shili was their homeworld, they also had a colony of some 50,000 individuals on the planet Kiros, and in the Expansion Region. Some well known Togruta included the Jedi MasterShaak Ti, Supreme ChancellorKirames Kaj, and PadawanAhsoka Tano.[9][10]

Biology and appearance [edit | edit source]

Togrutas were a species of humanoids whose skin spanned a vast array of colors, including, but not limited to, orange, green, red, white, and yellow.[11] These characteristics were a result of evolution; Togruta coloration was helpful as a method of camouflage from predators.[12] Unlike most humanoids, Togrutas were known to have multiple stomachs,[10] however their most notable features were the large organic head formations upon their heads; two large cone-like horns called montrals atop their skull, and three lekku, also known as headtails, that sprouted downward. Both a Togruta's lekku and montrals tended to grow longer as they aged, with females having longer lekku than the males.[11] A Togruta's montrals allowed them to sense the movement of objects around them through echolocation, and could sense up to 82 feet.[13]

Society and culture [edit | edit source]

The species' natural habitat was at elevated heights amongst mountains. For example, the Togruta colonists who settled on Kiros built their homes in the cliffs in pursuit of art and beauty.[8]

The Togruta have a high amount of force sensitives due to their cultures connectivity to nature. Their awareness and faith in the circle of life is an aspect in everything they do. For example, when the Togruta are hunting, they make sure that all the animals they kill experience a quick and painless death.

Togruta were known to speak Galactic Basic. Shili, the Togruta homeworld, was known to produce famously melodramatic holovids.

Appearances [edit | edit source]