What does package mean for delivery

Consignment processed in the sorting hub

A parcel sorting center is referred to in the broadest sense as a HUB (main transhipment center). Strictly speaking, a HUB is a large, supra-regional parcel center. But in international tracking, smaller parcel centers are also referred to as HUBs. A city hub, for example, is a parcel warehouse that is responsible for deliveries to inner cities.

Please pay attention to the location that appears in tracking along with the above status message. The location can be used to determine where the sorting hub is and how far away the parcel is from the destination.

If the message reads "Consignment processed in the sorting hub at the destination", the parcel has already arrived in the recipient's destination region. A delivery can be expected within the next 1 to 2 days. It is not possible to collect the parcel in person from the hub.


If the message reads "Consignment processed in the export sorting hub", the parcel is still in the sender's country. The transport to Germany can take several days. For shipments from the USA or China, a delivery time of 2 weeks is even possible. During this time there is no update in the tracking - this is normal and nothing to worry about.


  • DHL Global Mail contact form.
  • We also recommend that you contact the seller of the goods if the delivery has not received a new shipment status for 2 weeks.

And in English this package status is:
"Shipment Was Processed at (Destination / Export) Sorting Hub"