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Naruto Rasengan Info

Naruto Rasengan Info

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Rasengan literally means spiraling area in English. It's a short series of offensive A-series attack. To use the Rasengan, one must incorporate the chakra control required for both tree climbing and water walking. The Rasengan is "a sequenced" ultra-level technique that took the Fourth Hokage from what is said to require three years to perfect hence a very high level of chakra control. Unlike the Chidori, the Rasengan does not "cut" per se. Rather, it "grinds", literally creating a hurricane of chakra formed in the shape of a small area in the palm of a hand, between the size of a softball and a baseball. Upon its collision with a target, the chakra control had to confine this jutsu in a small spherical compact shape, the effect may suddenly be dropped, creating a rather violent explosive effect on the target. Overall, it really has one downside: the Rasengan needs great chakra control. It is a self-assisting technique so once the chakra is formed, the user no longer needs to create the chakra. This is one of the few jutsu that does not require hand seals and can be easily activated with one hand. Something interesting to note is that the Rasengan cannot be copied by the Sharingan because there are no included hand seals. The Sharingan can only copy jutsus performed by hand seals, so agent Naruto could use this attack as many times as he wants and Sasuke could not copy it in battle.

Despite its power, the Rasengan is said to be an "incomplete technique". When educating Naruto in using his nature-manipulation chakra, Kakashi tells Naruto that the Rasengan is incomplete because it only uses shape manipulation, and not nature manipulation. Kakashi tells Naruto that he, still even the creator of the Rasengan, the 4th Hokage, was able to manipulate both union nature and shape in the Rasengan. Kakashi goes on and says only that Naruto can combine both forms of chakra because he believes that Naruto the only one is capable of surpassing the 4th Hokage.
Naruto's Rasengan Training
In order to be able to at least perform the Rasengan as we saw Jiraiya teaching Naruto, it is necessary to go through 3 steps.

Rasengan level 1
The first stage in learning to use the Rasengan is chakra control. The user needs to concentrate his chakra in his hand and make it spin in one direction. In order to be able to do this, the user must combine the techniques of chakra control that he learned to go up trees to walk on water at the same time. When Jiraiya taught Naruto that this stage was the bursting of a water balloon ..

Rasengan stage 2
The 2nd stage is said to be 100 times harder than the first. The second level of the Rasengan is power. This level of technique forces the ninja to adjust their chakra to create a greater concentration of chakra to help rotate their chakra flow. This creates the strong external force of the Rasengan like a hurricane. Strong but uncontrollable. Creating a denser chakra is the second step. Jiraiya had Naruto destroy a rubber ball.

Rasengan level 3
For this 3rd level the user has to use everything he has already learned in stages 1 and 2. The third level of the Rasengan is superiority. The ninja must be able to use one hundred percent of her rotating chakra and one hundred percent of her driving chakra, and create a small cup to keep the chakra from dispersing on contact. In other words, this stage consists of controlling succession and the power of chakra at the same time in the form of the ball. In this state, the turf organ maintains a more adjusted and strong force. As it meets friction, the chakra is won and the power of the chakra is driven towards the goal through the thin shell. When Jiraiya was teaching Naruto, he made him contain his chakra in the form of a ball in a water balloon without making it burst.

Rasengan users

Yondaime, the 4th Hokage
Yondaime is the creator of Rasengan.

Thanks to his disciple, Yondaime, Jiraiya learned the Rasengan. Currently, Jiraiya is the best user of the Rasengan and was the only living person we knew of it could use it (aside from Naruto) until Kakashi showed us he could use the Rasengan as well.

Naruto Uzumaki
After seeing Sasuke use the Chidori at the Chuunin exams, Naruto wanted Kakashi to teach him to use it as well. Kakashi was unwilling to teach Naruto the attack because he felt that Naruto was unwilling to use the attack because of his lack of chakra control. Kakashi said that he would only teach Naruto after mastering chakra control, so he hired Ebisu to help Naruto control his chakra. Eventually, Ebisu cold was beaten by Jiraiya by looking at girls, so Naruto convinced Jiraiya to teach him to control his charkra. Eventually, Jiraiya also decided to teach him a technique more strongly than Chidori - Rasengan! Naruto manages to control his chakra and taught the jutsu in just 3 weeks. Naruto's Rasengan was different from Jiraiya because he needed the help of his Kage Bunshin (shadow clone) to carry out the attack. In extreme emotional states, however, Naruto is able to use the Rasengan without the help of his shadow clone.

Kakashi Hatake
In chapter 321 of the Naruto manga, Kakashi shows Naruto that he can also use Rasengan. Unlike Jiraiya, who is currently using one hand, and Naruto, who is using his shadow clone, Kakashi holds his real wrist with his left hand and how he forms the turfgan.

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